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Greg B. of Bellingham, Washington, developed this really cool tutorial for making your own Apollo Astronaut costume. This is a simpler, beginner-level tutorial, so if you don’t have a lot of experience sewing and performing other costume-making skills, this is the tutorial for you!

Some of Greg’s notes from the costume-creation process:

“I’d work on the homemade Apollo astronaut costume a bit each evening and went through lots of NASA photos. There are probably 8 – 10 hours of time involved. The worst part is the taping. You must have an exacto blade and a cutting surface or the tape gets messed up. I perfected a technique pretty early.

I can sit and drive with it on, and based on what you wear underneath, the costume can be very toasty or very cool. The whole thing weighs about 2 lbs – minus boots and helmet so you can party all night. The front zipper makes it easy in and out in under 30 seconds. And it wont burn if in contact with fire. Tyvex is somewhat flame retardant.

The trick to making it last is taping every seam in the Tyvex suit before constructing. The sewn seams on one of these suits are the first to rip.”

Materials list:

On Hand:
Ski Gloves
Wrestler’s Ear Guards
Storage Barrel
Black Thermal Long Underwear
Boom Mike from Dragon Speak software
Axe Shampoo Bottles
Suave Shampoo Bottles
Black packing Foam from an Xbox
Large US Flag
Silver Duct Tape
Spray on Craft Glue

Home Apollo Spacesuit Costume Materials

Home Apollo Spacesuit Costume Materials

Purchased locally:
2 Tyvex Painter Suits
Handheld US Flag
White, Red (metallic), Blue (metallic) spray paint
Gold Testers Paint
.5 Yard of White Demim
.5 Yard of Black Felt
White Duct Tape
Black and White Plastic Scotch Tape
White Velcro
Snap Fastener Kit
Sky Blue Acrylic Paint
Led Tap Light

Ordered from internet:
16″ Acrylic Lighting Globe
Army Surplus Cold Weather Boots
NASA Patches

And his video on the process.

Would you try making this costume? Let us know!

Source: Coolest Homemade Costumes

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