SpaceSuit Design With Tec Leimert

We will be hosting a space suit design showcase with a cohort of students with Tec Leimert in Los Angeles. This 4-session workshop will guide students through designing spacesuits for the 4 types of exo-planets. By the end of this workshop students will be able to name the 4 types of planets, identify them in our own solar system, understand what a human being would need to survive on those planets, and have designed their own spacesuits. Students have the opportunity to showcase their designs on and at the Leimert Park Juneteenth Festival 2022.


Unity 22: The Commercial Space Age

I always thought I would have to become a NASA astronaut if I wanted to go to space- until Sunday that was the only way I could travel beyond our planet. NASA has only sent 339 people to space since the beginning of its space program in 1958. Astronauts were meant to set a standard of excellence- they were modern day superheroes.