The US Navy just confirmed these UFO videos are the real deal

This distant world is a lot like Earth, but you wouldn’t want to live there

Astronomers Decode Weird X-Ray Pattern Coming from Neutron Star

Europe and US are Going to Try and Deflect an Asteroid

China’s Lunar Rover Has Found Something Weird on the Far Side of the Moon

Scientists May Have Found a Volcanic Exomoon That Darth Vader Could Call Home

Scientists Are Building a Real-Life Version of the Starship Enterprise’s Life Scanner

X-37B Military Space Plane Breaks Record on Latest Mystery Mission

Who’s Out There–Anyone Nearby?

Elon Musk Floats ‘Nuke Mars’ Idea Again (He Has T-Shirts)

Mysterious, Ancient Radio Signals Keep Pelting Earth. Astronomers Designed an AI to Hunt Them Down.

Tardigrades that crash-landed on the moon may still be alive, but they’re not having fun

What Living on the Moon Would Look Like

If Aliens Are Flashing Laser Beams at Us, We Now Have a Way to Detect Them

‘Snowball’ Planets Might Be Better Abodes for Life Than We Thought

We were not almost killed by an asteroid this week

Apollo 11 Moon Landing Showed That Aliens Might Be More Than Science Fiction

Who’s Out There–The Santa Fe Institute

One legacy of Carl Sagan may take flight next week—a working solar sail

Who’s Out There? Anyone On Rogue Planets?

NASA Spacecraft Spots ‘Star Trek’ Logo on Mars

Newest moon mystery is fascinating

The Search for Habitable Alien Worlds in Earth’s Backyard Heats Up

This Asteroid Has a 1-in-7,000 Chance of Hitting Earth This Fall

UFOs exist and everyone needs to adjust to that fact

Who’s Out There-Microbes?

The moon is quaking as it shrinks

China Plans to Build a Base near the Moon’s South Pole

The US Navy Wants Pilots to Report UFO Sightings

‘Alien’ Lights in Norway Were a NASA Test, Not an Extraterrestrial Visit

ISS Spacewalk Live Stream Cut As A Mysterious Object Approached The Astronauts

Are Aliens Ignoring Us? Maybe We’re Already Their Captives in a ‘Galactic Zoo’

The ‘Halo Drive’ Would Shoot Lasers at Black Holes to Explore the Milky Way

Who’s Out There-Anyone? A Review

The clearest images of Ultima Thule reveal a strange-looking object

Where are all the aliens? Struggling and hustling, just like us

With the best air pressure sensor ever on Mars, scientists find a mystery

Who’s Out There–Weirdos?

Something Is Not Quite Right In the Universe, Ultraprecise New Measurement Reveals

What will we name the solar system’s next planet?

How an Ancient Rock Carrying Earth’s Oldest Known Crystals Ended Up on the Moon

Mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ Might Actually Be a Gigantic Disk of Space Objects

Who’s Out There-Search Strategy

The Government’s Secret UFO Program Funded Research on Wormholes and Extra Dimensions

Canadian astronomers discover 2nd mysterious repeating fast radio burst

If Aliens Are Causing Weird Dimming of ‘Tabby’ Star,’ They Aren’t Using Lasers to Do It

The mystery of the ISS hole just got even weirder

Alien Hunters, Stop Using the Drake Equation

Meet Farout, the new most distant member of our solar system

Who’s Out There?—Tiny Water Critters?

Yes, a killer asteroid could hit Earth

Listen to the very first sounds recorded on Mars

Who’s Out There?—Water-Sensitive Critters?

Billionaire Yuri Milner’s Breakthrough Initiatives Eyes Private Mission to Seek Alien Life

A Deadly, Fast-Spreading Form of Super-Ice Could Be Killing Off Alien Life-Forms

Starman and Tesla Roadster Have Shot Past Mars, SpaceX Says

NASA astronauts will get to use this extraterrestrial supercomputer

Astronomers Find Strong Evidence There is a Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy

Scientists Home in on the Best ‘Water Worlds’ to Search for Alien Life

NASA wants to send humans to Venus – here’s why that’s a brilliant idea

In the hunt for aliens, satellites may light the way

Astronomers think they’ve found a moon the size of Neptune in a distant star system

Grinning-Skull Asteroid Set to Whiz by Earth

If Extra Dimensions Do Exist, They Must Be Really, Really Small

Student Project Scans Sky for Alien Laser Beams

A Japanese company has announced a long-term plan to develop the Moon

Researchers discover planet Vulcan from Star Trek — sort of

Nasa Curiosity Rover photographs mysterious ‘structure’ on the surface of Mars

Life After Planet Earth

NASA says it’s building a gateway to the Moon—critics say it’s just a gate

Planet Nine and six other baffling space mysteries scientists CAN’T explain

Planet Nine might be invisible for at least 1,000 years


Who’s Out There?—Possibilities?

Mysterious Substance and ‘Devilry’ Blamed for 3-Hour ‘Solar Eclipse’ in Russia

Aston Martin takes to the skies with first aircraft concept

Who’s Out There?— Ozone? What Else?

Nearby Alien Planet May Be Capable of Supporting Life

Are we alone? The question is worthy of serious scientific study

World UFO Day 2018: How close have we actually got to finding aliens, and what would they be like?

New model predicts that we’re probably the only advanced civilization in the observable universe

A Black Hole Has Been Shredding a Star Twice the Size of the Sun for 10 Years

Habitability of the young earth could boost the chances of life elsewhere

Who’s Out There?—Focusing On Talent

Our DNA Might Be the Most Valuable Thing in a Trade Deal With Aliens

A New Way to Find Alien Civilizations: Look for Their Satellites

Climate Change Killed the Aliens, and It Will Probably Kill Us Too, New Simulation Suggests

Small asteroid on collision course with Earth discovered only hours before impact

The Moons of Some Giant Alien Planets Could Host Life

Weird Space Rock Provides More Evidence for Mysterious ‘Planet Nine’

A ‘Mars on Earth’ Helps Scientists with Their Search for Alien Life

Human waste used to make ‘Marmite-like’ food for astronauts

Lunar Meteorite Discovery Suggests There’s Hidden Water on the Moon

Projectile Cannon Shows Asteroid Impacts May Have Made Earth a Watery Planet

No Way Out? Aliens on ‘Super-Earth’ Planets May Be Trapped by Gravity

Why Extraterrestrial Life May Be More Unlikely Than Scientists Thought

A New Luxury Hotel Is Opening…In Space

72 Mysterious Cosmic Flashes Puzzle Astronomers

How to follow along as China’s doomed space station falls to Earth

Why Is China’s Space Station Falling to Earth in the First Place?

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