Yes, a killer asteroid could hit Earth

Listen to the very first sounds recorded on Mars

Who’s Out There?—Water-Sensitive Critters?

Billionaire Yuri Milner’s Breakthrough Initiatives Eyes Private Mission to Seek Alien Life

A Deadly, Fast-Spreading Form of Super-Ice Could Be Killing Off Alien Life-Forms

Starman and Tesla Roadster Have Shot Past Mars, SpaceX Says

NASA astronauts will get to use this extraterrestrial supercomputer

Astronomers Find Strong Evidence There is a Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy

Scientists Home in on the Best ‘Water Worlds’ to Search for Alien Life

NASA wants to send humans to Venus – here’s why that’s a brilliant idea

In the hunt for aliens, satellites may light the way

Astronomers think they’ve found a moon the size of Neptune in a distant star system

Grinning-Skull Asteroid Set to Whiz by Earth

If Extra Dimensions Do Exist, They Must Be Really, Really Small

Student Project Scans Sky for Alien Laser Beams

A Japanese company has announced a long-term plan to develop the Moon

Researchers discover planet Vulcan from Star Trek — sort of

Nasa Curiosity Rover photographs mysterious ‘structure’ on the surface of Mars

Life After Planet Earth

NASA says it’s building a gateway to the Moon—critics say it’s just a gate

Planet Nine and six other baffling space mysteries scientists CAN’T explain

Planet Nine might be invisible for at least 1,000 years


Who’s Out There?—Possibilities?

Mysterious Substance and ‘Devilry’ Blamed for 3-Hour ‘Solar Eclipse’ in Russia

Aston Martin takes to the skies with first aircraft concept

Who’s Out There?— Ozone? What Else?

Nearby Alien Planet May Be Capable of Supporting Life

Are we alone? The question is worthy of serious scientific study

World UFO Day 2018: How close have we actually got to finding aliens, and what would they be like?

New model predicts that we’re probably the only advanced civilization in the observable universe

A Black Hole Has Been Shredding a Star Twice the Size of the Sun for 10 Years

Habitability of the young earth could boost the chances of life elsewhere

Who’s Out There?—Focusing On Talent

Our DNA Might Be the Most Valuable Thing in a Trade Deal With Aliens

A New Way to Find Alien Civilizations: Look for Their Satellites

Climate Change Killed the Aliens, and It Will Probably Kill Us Too, New Simulation Suggests

Small asteroid on collision course with Earth discovered only hours before impact

The Moons of Some Giant Alien Planets Could Host Life

Weird Space Rock Provides More Evidence for Mysterious ‘Planet Nine’

A ‘Mars on Earth’ Helps Scientists with Their Search for Alien Life

Human waste used to make ‘Marmite-like’ food for astronauts

Lunar Meteorite Discovery Suggests There’s Hidden Water on the Moon

Projectile Cannon Shows Asteroid Impacts May Have Made Earth a Watery Planet

No Way Out? Aliens on ‘Super-Earth’ Planets May Be Trapped by Gravity

Why Extraterrestrial Life May Be More Unlikely Than Scientists Thought

A New Luxury Hotel Is Opening…In Space

72 Mysterious Cosmic Flashes Puzzle Astronomers

How to follow along as China’s doomed space station falls to Earth

Why Is China’s Space Station Falling to Earth in the First Place?

SpaceX launch last year punched huge, temporary hole in the ionosphere


Why people still worry about the falling Chinese space station — despite the low odds

NASA’s Ailing Robonaut 2 Will Return from Space for Long-Overdue Repairs

William Shatner Wants You to Send Your Name to the Sun on NASA’s Historic Solar Probe

Should We Open Some Sealed Apollo Moon Samples?

How Much Trash Is on the Moon?

The moon is getting its own 4G mobile phone network

Who’s Out There?—Danger?

This Website Lets You Track Elon Musk’s Sports Car Through Space

Waste Not! Future Astronauts Might Turn Feces Into Food

‘Oumuamua: ‘space cigar’s’ tumble hints at violent past

Dust, meteorites, cosmic rays and everything else currently destroying the Tesla in space

How I discovered the origins of the cigar-shaped alien ‘asteroid’ ‘Oumuamua

Who’s Out There?—Anyone In Our Solar System?

Scientists closer to unveiling source of mysterious bursts from distant object

Japanese astronaut apologizes for spreading ‘fake news’ after claiming to have grown 3.5 inches while in space

Russia pushing to partner with NASA on lunar gateway

Sorry sci-fi fans, real wars in space not the stuff of Hollywood

NASA Is Considering Sending a “Dragonfly” Drone to an Alien World

Russian satellite lost after being set to launch from wrong spaceport

Where did Mars’ water go? Maybe into the planet’s interior

Elon Musk shows off the Tesla Roadster that SpaceX will send beyond Mars

Haunted Again: Skull-Faced ‘Halloween Asteroid’ Returns in 2018

Who’s Out There?—Geologic Features Favoring Exolife

Asgardia Becomes the First ‘Nation’ to Have All of Its Territory In Space

Astronomers just discovered a supermassive black hole from the dawn of the universe

Boost for Odds of Life? Jupiter Moon Europa May Have Plate Tectonics

SpaceX will use the first Falcon Heavy to send a Tesla Roadster to Mars, Elon Musk says

International Space Station

We are basically positive that the Russians did not find alien bacteria in space

Wow! 1st Interstellar Asteroid Is a Spinning Space Cigar

Who’s Out There?—Time To Get Real?

Sun-Like Star May Have Devoured 15 Alien Planets

Scientists Just Found the Perfect Spot to Build an Underground Colony on the Moon

Water Ice Mystery Found at Martian Equator

Elon Musk proposes city-to-city travel by rocket, right here on Earth

Debunking Planet Nibiru: Another Doomsday is Coming!

Who’s Out There–It’s a Puzzlement

Mysterious signals from distant galaxy spark row over whether they could be from aliens

$100 Million E.T. Hunt Spots 15 Mysterious Light Flashes

Vinyl cyanide found on Titan—aliens, have at it

Big, Dangerous Comets More Common Than Thought

Future Space Colony? Maybe We Should Look Beyond Mars to Saturn’s Titan Moon

Flying Cars and Casino-Themed Planes Are the Future of Flight, Says Airbus

Moon Express ‘lunar outpost’ looks gorgeous, but don’t get too excited yet

Finding Extraterrestrial Life May Rely on Identifying Traces Rather Than Aliens

Did Life on Earth Come From Outer Space?

The Search for the Next Large Asteroid That Might Slam Into Earth

Sorry, but Anonymous has no evidence that NASA has found alien life

Planet 10? Another Earth-Size World May Lurk in the Outer Solar System

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