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The field of space is as vast as the name suggests. It involves numerous sub-domains, resources, investments, a vast pool of tech talent and much more. The major control functions involved in space projects are so complex and need an extreme level of professionalism to develop the desired control systems. The latest projects like SpaceX and NASA’s Commercial Crew are set to change the level of private-public partnership as well as the shape of space travel. SpaceX and NASA cooperation & collaboration is going to increase the opportunities for an extensive commercial-use of space technology.

The cost of software development plays a vital in big space projects. India and China are posing an extreme level of competition in terms of the cost of space projects. For example, the cost of the Chandrayaan 2 project was just $141 million. To cope with this kind of competition you need a dedicated development team for big projects that offer reduced cost and increased quality in big space exploration projects. 

What Is a Big Space Project?

Big space projects are normally those that involve multiple control functions, a higher level of mathematics-based algorithms, complex interfacing, and artificial intelligence. The space projects require a higher level of precision, and accuracy in the control system, which can be achieved through mission-critical software programs developed by the dedicated development team of professionals. A big project may cost millions of dollars of investment and a wide range of project resources and infrastructure such as Open Mission Control Technology (Open MCT) Project.

The major features of big space projects include the following:

#1 Huge Investment

For the bigger projects, you need huge investments like millions of dollars. The success rate of these big projects is comparatively less if not executed properly. The delays and over-budget are other very major issues of these kinds of projects.

#2 Large Development Team and Resource Pools

Bigger projects require bigger teams and a large pool of other resources. It is a great idea to use development teams of multiple disciplines. The remote teams can play a vital role in reducing costs and increasing quality and delivery time. Nowadays, how to manage remote development teams have become so easy due to effective communication and collaboration tools and platforms.

Project Structure and Components

The structure design of any big space projects is normally based on modern development methodologies like Agile Methodology. But the fundamental structure and components of the projects are the same either one way or the other. Agile methodology breaks the projects into small parts and with continuous development.

#1 A Comprehensive Gantt Chart

Gantt chart is one of the most powerful presentations of the entire project on a single page. This chart presents the relationship between time, milestones, task sequence, and workflow inter-relationship very clearly. A comprehensive Gantt chart is a very crucial feature of a large project. This helps you prepare, plans, create schedules, establish a relationship, and estimate time and resources.

#2 Distributed Multidiscipline Dev Teams

You need a wide range of artificial intelligence AI and data scientists to deal with large scale datasets for big data projects in the field of space technology. The in-house development of such large scale projects would cost you hugely. The best option for cost-effective software development solutions is dedicated development by the remote teams.

#3 Consolidated Project Planning

According to recent studies, the project success rate is just below 64% and the remaining projects are either fail or impaired ones. The average cost of software development project failure is about 11% of the total cost invested in software development projects. This can be reduced by implementing a high-level of comprehensive planning of the project.

Top 10 Benefits & Reasons to Outsource Space Projects

Outsourcing in the software development industry has become a new norm. So many reasons and benefits that make it the most attractive model for efficient human resource management as described below.

#1 Reduced Development Cost

The cost has become a very critical component in all industries across the world including the space industry. The space industry is facing serious challenges from emerging countries like India and China, where cost is comparatively low. The developed countries can choose the outsourcing option to compete against their industry competitors. Outsourcing software development to Ukraine can reduce up to 3 to 5 times the cost incurred in Western European countries and the USA.

#2 Access to Large Talent Pool

One of the most desirable benefits of outsourcing is that it allows you to have access to a large pool of talent located worldwide. So you can hunt for the best talent that has in-depth domain knowledge, expertise, and experience to accomplish the critical projects in the space industry. This factor becomes more prominent when you are working on large space projects, which need large teams with diverse domain knowledge.

#3 Faster Delivery

If you have multiple teams working on different parts of large space projects that are located in different time-zones, you are using the maximum time of the day. This reduces the delivery time and you get your project done faster than the same in an in-house team.

#4 Better Software Quality

In any outsourcing model, you get access to diverse people with diverse experiences, creativity, domain knowledge, and expertise. This helps you develop better software quality with the help of collaboration and knowledge sharing. A space project is always based on the mission-critical processes, so outsourcing helps to create high-quality code by using the available rich talent and expertise.

#5 Higher Security

Security has become very important from many perspectives. The importance of security in space-related projects becomes even higher. A distributed team with proper management and deeper knowledge of security standards and best practices help you to create better security of the software for space functions and processes.

#6 Better Workflow Handling

A large project is always complex to handle and meet the deadlines. According to the latest Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, more than 18.8% cost of NASA projects project budget overturn due to delays, which are mainly caused by workflow gaps. If you choose an outsourcing model, you have access to multiple time-zones and expert teams, which can help you to manage the workflow smoothly without creating any gaps. Thus, you can run your project strictly according to the Gantt chart of the project.

#7 Access to Fresh Perspective

Space technology is always in search of innovation, creativity, accuracy, security, and precision in all processes of the industry. You need an innovative approach to achieve those desirables. A fresh perspective of the outsourced teams helps you bring new ideas on the projects.

#8 Increased Flexibility

Any model of software development outsourcing offers great flexibility and adopts the changes very fast. You have a little binding related to legal matters in the outsourcing model. So, you can modify the teams, infrastructure, budgets, and all other variables on the project easily.

#9 Faster Scalability

No doubt outsourcing is very scalable by nature. But, it’s faster-hiring process makes it more powerful in terms of scalability of required resources. The average Resource Process Hiring (RPO) is 42 days, but the average time to hire new talent is much faster. The traditional hiring takes a much longer time than RPO and remote hiring. So, you can scale up and scale down your resources much faster than the traditional modes of hiring.

#10 Efficient Resource Management

The sharing of resources has changed the landscape of the IT field. This idea is also helping in the efficient management of resources by using collaborative and communication tools. In the outsourcing model, you can use your available resources more effectively in different time-zones. Knowledge sharing and team collaboration make it even more efficient in congenial work environments.

Final Takeaway

In bigger space projects, huge costs and resources are used and the risk of project failure is higher than the smaller projects. A comprehensive plan to use diverse resources through the outsourcing model of hiring can help you improve project delivery time, quality, and development cost. Outsourcing offers awesome benefits in completing large software development projects in space technology more successfully.


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