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Today I went to Michoud down in the bayou in New Orleans, LA. I saw the last and final existing External Tank. I was able to witness the newest rocket that is being built, the SLS, which stands for Space Launch System.  I also got to see the beginning stages of the construction of the Orion capsule. Michoud which has been around since the 1700’s and has a rich history. The land that Michoud sits on today was the only land that was not sold in the Louisiana Purchase. The center is named after Antoine Michoud which is the son of Napoleon’s administrator of Domains. During hurricane Katrina the land was dry due to large volume pumps that got rid of the water. This was helpful to many people. Even though there was a hurricane there were 38 workers who stayed and made sure the place was kept safe and stayed open. I was impressed by how much the center manufactures. Between NASA and private businesses. Lastly I want to thank my host Miguel De Jesus La Fuente for an amazing experience and the invite.

Au jour dui je suis allée à Michoud dans le bayou dans New Orléans, LA. J’ai vu thé seul External Tank qui existe maintenant. J’ai aussi vu le nouvelle fusée SLS. J’ai vu le capsule Orion. Michoud étais construire dans le 1700 et il y a un histoire très riche. Cette endroit étais le seul terre qui n’étais pas dans le Louisianais Purchase. Le endroit étais le nom de Antoine Michoud  le. Dans le ouragan de Katrina il y avait 38 personne qui a reste à regarde si le endroit essais bien y fonction. Michoud construire beaucoup de chose pour NASA et les autres business. Finalement merci à Miguel De Jesus La Fuente pour un très bon expérience et le chance de visite.

Hoy yo fui al Michoud en el pantano en New Orleans, LA. Yo vi el solo External Tank  ahora. Yo también vi el nuevo SLS. Yo vi la cápsula Orion. Michoud tiene mucho historia, desde el 1700. Este lugar era la solo tierra que era en el Louisiana Purchase. Michoud hay su nombre de Antoine Michoud. En el huracán Katrina tiene 38 personajes que mira si la lugar era funcionado. Michoud construí mucho para NASA y otros personas. Finalmente gracias a  Miguel De Jesus La Fuente para une bueno experiencia y las invitado.

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