UFO fanatics spot ancient god on Mars1 min read

You saw the “thigh bone” on Mars. Your mouth watered over the possibility of an alien “jelly doughnut.” You marveled at the mysterious woman in a dress. Now meet the ancient god of Mars, a rock on the Red Planet that looks a bit like a face straight out of an archaeology textbook.

A red circle points out the "face" in this Mars Opportunity rover image. NASA

A red circle points out the “face” in this Mars Opportunity rover image.

UFO Sightings Daily, a blog dedicated to signs of potential alien activity, first brought attention to the “face” on Monday. The original image that sparked the excitement is from NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover. The rover’s panoramic camera captured the scene and NASA uploaded it as a raw image on its Mars exploration website.

If you squint and let your imagination run wild, you can see the resemblance to ancient sculptures like you might find in the British Museum. It especially echoes a Neo-Assyrian attendant god dedicated to Nabu, a god of wisdom.

Sebastien Clarke
Sebastien Clarke

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