Truth behind astrology, science or a myth?3 min read

A lot of people have the doubt and mystification regarding the truth behind astrology. Some people argue that astrology is science but other opposes it completely and says that it’s just a myth. Hence, the debate over astrology is intense and many are making all the efforts to find out whether its fact or fiction or science or a myth. Astrological structures were grown up in parallel in every culture around the world and it was distinctive to its society. In the present day, a lot of people depend on astrology in order to know about their future, business success, to know about their marriage, jobs and so on.

What is Astrology?
In general terms, Astrology is a set of structures, customs, and beliefs. Astrology holds the notion that the relative positions of celestial bodies and connected information can give details about personality, human matters, and other earthly affairs. The center beliefs of astrology were widespread in the ancient world. Today, people have become more practical in their life and can be changes in their beliefs towards astrology. However, a good number of people used to follow astrology even in the modern era. Astrology is considered as a myth rather than science and the main reason is that there is no fact in astrology.

Astrology as a Custom
For a lot of people in the world astrology is a custom. People generally take a glance at their horoscope in the newspaper or internet every day. It has become a custom for the people to know what is going to happen today in their life. So, it happens out of curiosity.  Obviously, millions of people survive with astrology in their lives and therefore, it’s a livelihood for many. It is a custom amid people in the world to understand about their specialty of the birth and the time of death. So, they depend on astrology and it happens because they have seen others doing it or out of their curiosity. Therefore, one cannot completely say that astrology is a science but it’s a myth.

Inherent Desire
Observably, the fundamental desire for astrology originates from the inherent desire of humans to know about their future. The best parts of people are curious to know how they do in their future, and is there anything that they can carry out to stop the happenings of misfortune in their life. Our inherent desire to know about our future and at times our past, we are tempted to effortlessly rely on whatever thing including astrology, palmistry, face reading, or parrots choosing from a bunch of cards.

Astrology is more of an assumption than a science. There is no observable fact in astrology and usually, Astrologer’s offers humans only assumptions about their future and past. Traditionally, Astrology has been discarded by the scientific group since they could not find any illustrative power for depicting the universe. Scientific testing of astrology hasn’t found any proof or facts that back up the principles or claimed results told in astrological practices. Hence, astrology has no scientific validity as it failed to demonstrate its effectiveness in the universe.

Astrology is an amusement than science. Many of us believe that Astrology can assist to guide us to a better and secured future. It can never happen because every individual is unique in his own terms and he can attain success in his life based on his ability and knowledge. The success of astrology comes from humans’ beliefs in stars, planets and magic gemstones or rituals. Today, the majority of people in some of the countries around the globe matches horoscopes with their future bride or groom to detect how the marriage will work out. It is just a superstition and without proper knowledge in science and thinking practically, people may happen to be a prey of astrology.


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  1. AvatarRiya Reply

    Well, I do not agree your point. And I would like to say that I have seen my life change positively by Astrology. Western Astrology is a myth however, since it is common for all. But, Indian Vedic Astrology is different for each human and it is really effective.
    This is a kind request to have a look at my point too.
    Thank You

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