Top Futurist Predictions About Space That Remain Unfulfilled2 min read

Where are You Captain Kirk?

The TV series and the full length movies are things of the past, only available as old re-runs on minor cable stations, and the main character is marketing on the major TV stations. Yet, for those of us from that era, we saw the real future that awaited us. Of course, we haven’t yet reached that type of space travel, but we continue to dream. Actual developments in space exploration and travel, however, are moving along, and some of the predictions made may indeed become reality over the next decade or two.

Predictions not Yet Realized, but Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

  • Remember the spaceports at Disney’s “Future World” years ago? These will be built all over the globe, as space tourism catches on. People will pay to be launched from one of these and spend some time in orbit, getting a first-hand view of earth and the space that surrounds. Some will take vacations to the moon and back.
  • Space Hotels: Increases in tourism will, of course, result in the need for places to stay. Orbiting space hotels will join our satellites up there.
  • Landing on Mars: Man will land on our nearest neighbor, though the venture will probably be privately financed.
  • Space travel will speed up: Currently, scientists are researching the use of cold fusion and plasma energy, but future technology will probably even improve upon these two sources.
  • Space Colonization: Already, there is talk of making viable living quarters on the moon. And entire space colonies built and placed into orbit are a real possibility now.
  • Unmanned Exploration of Other Planets: Virtual exploration of other planets will be accomplished by the use of new super computers, lasers, holograms, and avatars. We’ll have the means to map surfaces and gather a lot of detail.

Dire predictions of global wars and other disasters (e.g., huge meteors crashing into Earth and destroying a large chunk of the planet and its populations) have not yet occurred, although these predictions continue. As humans seek greater security from potential disasters, the prospects for privately-funded space colonies are actually quite high.

About the author:  having a Master’s degree in Journalism and love for travelling, Julie Ellis is financed by her freelance writing to investigate and explore exotic places of the world. Being a Chief Editor at Premier Essay she, as well, features articles for journals and magazines around the world.



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