Top Fantasy and Sci-Fi schools You Wish You Could Study In1 min read

Are you wondering where and how you want to proceed with your education? Let’s have some fun for a change: think of a school you would really want to attend. Your first thought doesn’t relate to a traditional college, does it? If you ever watched some of the most famous sci-fi and fantasy movies and series, you probably have unusual preferences.

The creators of the Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, X-Men, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer had different educational concepts. Their systems are not based on theory; they have the fight between good and evil in their essence. That’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Although each of these schools is different, they all spark our imagination and make us wish we could study there.

Which campus attracts you the most? Maybe your dream is to become a Jedi, or maybe you have an ambition to fight vampires. In this infographic, you’ll find information about the admission requirements and characteristics of the most awesome sci-fi and fantasy schools.

Imagining your life in one of these schools is great for fun, but there is also a valuable lesson you can learn: success is not a matter of studying and memorizing; it’s dependent upon your talent, commitment, and willingness to become better. Maybe you can implement that motto in your own educational efforts. Suddenly, your school won’t look so boring and pointless after all.

When your teachers and classmates ask about the sudden change, tell them you were motivated by Orci & Kurtzman, J.K Rowling, George Lucas, Stan Lee, and Joss Whedon – people who knew what learning was all about.



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