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Did you know that going to space camp could provide your child with lessons that they will use for the rest of their lives? It’s true. While some people may envision space camp as being nothing but lectures and cardboard spaceships, the real lessons learned at space camp make it an experience that should be enjoyed by all.

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Kids at space camp learn skills, including problem-solving, critical thinking, and effective communication skills, that they’ll use in many future situations. Learning these can lead to increased development as the kids grow. Thus, building a foundation now will set them up for major success as adults.

Read on to learn about some of the fantastic activities and learning opportunities available at space camp. You never know — your little adventurer could be the next astronaut on mars!

A Good Lesson Is a Gift That Lasts Forever

One of the best gifts that you can give to a child is one that both entertains and educates. It is even better if the educational aspect is fun and engaging. Great gifts are those that provide experiences and lessons that will create memories which last forever while providing the tools to succeed later in life. Space camp fulfills many of these requirements.

Providing children with a true life lesson is a gift that keeps on giving, especially if it is in a field in which they show interest. By engaging in lessons in space camp, the kids will absorb important values including self-discipline, responsibility, and methods in which to express themselves. Some studies show that valuable experiences can lead to higher rates of academic success.

Experiences also last longer and often get sweeter over time. The fact is that kids often have too much stuff, and that toy that they just had to have last year is often found discarded soon after. However, experiences can create memories that can last a lifetime, and the remembrance of that experience could lead to a fulfilling career later in life.

Valuable Lessons Learned at Space Camp

So what will the children learn at space camp? On the surface, space camp is a multi-day experience where the kids will learn about all the skills and know-how it takes to become an astronaut with activities that include training simulations, science experiments, movies, lectures, and rocket building. While the kids will be in awe while learning what it takes to be an astronaut, they will also learn valuable life lessons that can carry over into other aspects of their life as they grow and mature.

The kids will learn valuable problem-solving and critical thinking skills that often involve creative solutions to complex problems. Critical thinking lessons are essential because they present children with new issues and urge them to come up with solutions until they discover answers. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills will be useful during just about every new situation that children face as they grow, even after space camp comes to an end.

Space camp can also provide many lessons about enhancing interpersonal relationships and working with others. There is a significant team-building element associated with space camp as the children work side by side with kids they may have just met to complete practice missions. Space camp also provides valuable leadership skills as each child becomes the leader of a mission and uses effective organization and communication to find success for their team.

Getting to Space Camp

Whether you are going during a school trip or as a family outing, the only thing that is almost as exciting as experiencing space camp itself is traveling to space camp! Whether you live close by or you have to take a plane ride, the excitement and anticipation building up to the event is an adventure in itself. If getting to space camp involves a long plane ride, then you will want to be prepared.

Half of surviving a long flight is the preparation that you make before even getting on the plane. You will want to reserve your ideal seat (window, middle, or aisle), wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind sitting in for several hours, and bring your snacks just in case the airline does not offer them. Essential items to pack for a long trip include a neck pillow, an empty water bottle that you can fill once you pass security, and magazines or books to keep you entertained during the journey.

Parents will want to make their preparations to ensure that the long flight with their kids is an enjoyable one. Bring lots of entertainment, whether it be a tablet or offline games such as puzzle books or card games that you can all play together. Finally, be prepared for any potential sickness by packing a kit complete with sick bags, ear plugs, and anything else you might need.

In the end, the entire experience of space camp is one full of wonder, excitement, and lessons that will last a lifetime.


Avery Phillips is a freelance human based out of the beautiful Treasure Valley. She loves all things nature, especially humans, and was driven to pursue an Anthropology degree due to her childhood love of Indiana Jones and Laura Croft. Now she lovingly writes about all things great and small.

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