Virgin Galactic

Why Next-Generation Astronauts Will Need the ‘New Right Stuff’ for Space Travel

Soon, hundreds of tourists will go to space. What should we call them?

The Challenges of Returning to Regular Life After Life in Space

Jaw-dropping video shows Virgin Galactic pilots blasting into space

Virgin Galactic pilots join an exclusive club with FAA astronaut wings

Branson expects commercial SpaceShipTwo flights to begin in mid-2019

How Healthy Do I Need to Be Before Heading to Space?

The Virgin Galactic Hype Totally Misses the Point

Boundary of space being reconsidered as Virgin Galactic test program advances

Boundary of space being reconsidered as Virgin Galactic test program advances

Virgin Orbit Shows off its “Launcher One”, a Rocket Carried by an Airplane

What it’s like to travel to space, from a tourist who spent $30 million to live there for 12 days

NASA wants to send humans to Venus – here’s why that’s a brilliant idea

Virgin Galactic to reach space in ‘weeks not months’

Teaching the Next Generation of Astronauts

Virgin Orbit performs LauncherOne aircraft flight tests

Virgin’s Unity spaceship sets a new altitude record of 52 kilometers

NASA launches year-long celebration of moon landing but Buzz Aldrin missing amid controversy

AR & Space Technologies: Future Trends

Boeing unveils design for hypersonic passenger plane

First four images from Virgin Galactic’s successful new test flight

‘A New Space Age’ Summit to Explore Spaceflight’s Bright Future

Virgin Galactic nearing powered SpaceShipTwo test flights

Virgin Orbit plans 2018 first launch

Virgin Galactic says suborbital spaceflights are full until 2021

SpaceShipTwo tests feather system on latest glide flight

Virgin Galactic resumes SpaceShipTwo testing

China Ventures Further Into Space

Spaceport America: Space Tourism Launch Site

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Could Take Tourists Into Space In 2018

This Is Virgin Galactic’s New Spaceplane, VSS Unity

Virgin Galactic’s Second SpaceShipTwo to Roll Out on Feb. 19

Cheap satellite-launching rocket fails on its maiden flight

Pieces of falling spaceship barely missed people, new evidence shows


How will life on earth compare to life for the Mars One pioneers?

SpaceX launches cargo ship but rocket recovery test fails

SpaceX scrubs rocket recovery launch

After Virgin Galactic crash, Spaceport America looks for new commercial flight customers

NASA Awards Contracts To Virgin Galactic And Other Suborbital Providers

Virgin Galactic to Begin Space Flights by Close of 2014

Stunning video shows Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo complete supersonic test flight

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo reaches record height in latest test

Doc, Am I Fit To Fly Into Space?

Virgin Galactic Plans Space Hotels, Day Trips to the Moon

PayPal Galactic to boldly go where no credit card has gone before

Space Travel Agent

Can Space Tourism Save Earth?

Space Tourism’s Black Carbon Problem

Ex-NASA Shuttle Pilot Joins Virgin Galactic

Quebec travel agency to offer trips into space for about $100,000

Hypersonic ‘spaceliner’ aims to carry passengers in 2050

Space X Shows Off Its Grasshopper Test Flight

SpaceShipTwo practices flying (with engines)

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