Very Large Telescope

September 22, 2016

Scientists finally figured out the source of this bizarre, glowing space ‘blob’

The blob is one of the biggest and most mysterious objects in our universe. Discovered 16 years ago by researchers at Cal Tech‘s Palomar Observatory, the gargantuan […]
August 4, 2013

Astronomers Discover Two Heavy Metal Stars

According to their paper published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, these stars, labeled HE 2359-2844 and HE 1256-2738, have surfaces containing 10,000 times […]
July 2, 2013

IMAX 3D Film 'Hidden Universe' – Teaser Trailer

High-resolution time-lapses of state-of-the-art telescopes, celestial structures and a simulation of the evolution of the universe are the highlights of the film co-produced by the European […]
June 4, 2013

Astronomers Find The Lightest Exoplanet Ever Caught On Camera

The image above contains what scientists believe is the lowest-mass exoplanet ever to be caught on camera. Called HD 95086 b, the newly discovered planet orbits […]