United States

Io—Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon

China says it plans to attempt first-ever landing of lunar probe on the moon’s far side

Nasa starts year-long isolation to simulate life on Mars

Asteroid ‘headed to destroy Earth’ almost certainly isn’t real, Nasa says

Nasa says the world is not going to end in September

Nasa astronauts take first bites of lettuce grown in space: ‘Tastes like arugula’

NASA probe braces for first close-up photos of Pluto

Why is Pluto no longer a planet?

NASA could launch nuclear bombs into space to defend Earth from asteroids

Chinese Astronauts Hope to Come aboard International Space Station, and End US Ban

New Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day 2015

51-year-old astronaut is planning to reside in the International Space Station for a full year

China is going to mine the Moon for helium-3 fusion fuel

NASA Is Lost in Space

Liftoff: NASA’s Orion spacecraft launched into orbit

Four Bizarre Prototypes of Cold War Weapons

Three International Space Station astronauts return to Earth

NASA Awards Contracts To Virgin Galactic And Other Suborbital Providers

Members Question Astronauts Live Aboard International Space Station

What’s Next For NASA? Asteroids!

Nasa’s Ellen Stofan interview: ‘Our plan is to colonise Mars’

We’re going to Mars!

Virgin Galactic to Begin Space Flights by Close of 2014

With dishwasher-sized craft, Israeli Lunar XPrize team shoots for the moon

Humanity’s Future Depends On Mission To Mars

How Orson Welles Made the Martians Invade

The Four Weirdest Cryptids

ISS, NASA and US National Security dependent on Russian & Ukrainian Rocketry Amidst Crimean Crisis

What’s the Deal with Antimatter?

Yutu Moon Rover Starts 3rd Night Time Hibernation But Technical Problems Persist

Mars Bound With Your Help!

High stakes: Canadian Space Agency wins hockey bet with NASA

UNO grad makes the first cut to train for Mars trip

Astronaut Hall of Fame to Add Two Record-Setting Space Shuttle Fliers

US ready to return to moon

Super Bowl in Space: How Astronauts Celebrate the Big Game in Orbit

Building the International Space Station

Nasa looking for ‘taxi firm’ to replace Russian rockets

A National Disappointment: Why We Should Care About NASA’s Budget

International Space Station Operations Extended to 2024

China’s moon landing may usher in a new space race

Nasa astronauts begin spacewalk to carry out urgent repairs

Space – The Final Frontier: Six Things That Makes China’s Moon Mission so Exciting

China lands ‘Jade Rabbit’ rover on the moon

DeGresse’d: Five Reasons Why It’s Important to Explore Our Universe

China launches its first moon rover mission

NASA snubs billionaire’s proposed manned mission to Mars in 2017

New Step Brings NASA Closer To Launching Astronauts Again

Rare solar eclipse in America, Europe and Africa

22 Hours Left for PocketQube Kickstarter Project!

NY Comic Con 2013

China Readies Moon Rover for December Launch

US scientists boycott Nasa conference over China ban

How to become an astronaut

NASA sends drones to track hurricanes’ secrets

China Aiming To Land Probe On Moon This Year

Application Deadline for Martian Colony Nears

New Astronaut Candidates Take Center Stage at the Johnson Space Center

NASA Awards Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser Additional Milestone Funding

100,000 people apply for a one-way trip to Mars

Canadian astronauts see bright future for space exploration

NASA pushing to keep ‘space taxi’ competition going

NASA, ISRO in talks for developing satellite jointly

NASA's Asteroid Plan Is Shot Down in House

John Llewellyn, NASA Scientist-Astronaut Who Never Flew, Dies at 80

Star Trek Science Fiction & Science Fact Navigraphic

Wrong Reality: If an American Was First in Space

NASA picks Florida agency to take over shuttle landing strip

Meet the Women of NASA's 2013 Astronaut Class

Astronaut Questions: An Astrodad's Perspective

Draft NASA Authorization Bill Nixes Asteroid Retrieval Mission

NASA works on reusability for its Orion next-generation spaceship

China launches fifth manned space mission

The State of Science Fiction

Soyuz takes new crew to International Space Station

Skylab: Why don’t we live in space yet?

Buzz Aldrin’s Case For A ‘Mission To Mars’

NASA Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Skylab


Spock v’s Spock

Mars Expedition Possible in 20 Years: Experts Say

NASA Chief Urges Congress to Fund Private Astronaut Taxis

Russia now charging NASA $70 million per seat to fly US astronauts

NASA delays astronaut flights with SpaceX and other companies, extends Russia contract

Administration confirms NASA plan: Grab an asteroid, then focus on Mars

Astronaut.com Takes Flight at the Symposium (PRESS RELEASE)

Star Trek: Into Darkness Will Have a NASA Ad for Real-Life Starfleet

The Future – By R. Peter Ubtrent

That’s reassuring: Nasa chief Charles Bolden’s advice on asteroid heading for Earth: just pray

From Sputnik to TV Screens: A Brief History of Satellites

“I Want To Be An Astronaut”

5 movies where space rocks threaten Earth

Scifi-SciFact #6: Deathrace 2000 (1975): How about that robotic hand?

New Poll: Americans Expect A Human Mission To Mars In 20 Years

NASA to launch Earth-watching satellite

The Hypersonic Spaceplanes of Yesteryear

Commercial Moon Flights Coming Soon?

Remembering Apollo 1, NASA’s First Major Disaster

NASA unveils last video by spacecraft that crashed into moon

Fan’s Choice – Top Ten Science Fiction Films of All Time (Part 2)

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