Thomas Marshburn

How Chris Hadfield and the Canadian Space Agency Went Viral

Astronaut makes music video to David Bowie song aboard International Space Station

Chris Hadfield hands over command of ISS

Spacewalking repair halts station leak – for now

Saturday Spacewalk to Troubleshoot Ammonia Leak Approved

Space station leaking vital coolant, NASA says

Canadian Students Hear from ISS Commander

New space station crew to launch and dock today in cosmic first

New Space Station Crew to Launch and Dock Today in Cosmic First

Largest Spiral Galaxy Is Five Times Bigger Than Milky Way, NGC 6872 Study Suggests

U.S. spaceship ventures plan to send test pilots into orbit as early as 2015

Astronaut Hadfield a ready, willing guinea pig

Soyuz Spacecraft Docks at Space Station

‘I love what you’ve done with the place.’ Chris Hadfield arrives at ISS

Manitoba Museum’s Living in Space honours Canucks who roam the stars

Astronaut Chris Hadfield launches into space on five-month mission

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield set for launch of space station mission

What do astronauts eat?

The magic, good and bad, of life in orbit

Jack Knox: Third mission in space, another first for Hadfield

How to Train for Long-Duration Spaceflight, with Chris Hadfield

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