February 18, 2013

Astronaut answers Reddit site questions from space

Canadian Chris Hadfield, who will assume command of the International Space Station (ISS) in March, took part in a web chat on Sunday – from space. […]
February 18, 2013

1st Results from Space Station Particle Detector Experiment Coming in March

Scientists are preparing to release the first round of results from a key experiment aboard the International Space Station that has been sampling a soup of […]
February 17, 2013

5 movies where space rocks threaten Earth

The meteor that shot through the Siberian sky at hypersonic speed Friday created images that seemed like something out of a high-tech special effects department. The damage Friday […]
February 17, 2013

In a modern world, meteorite’s impact is instantly global

That celestial rock had been zooming along at 40,000 mph for thousands of years when it exploded over Russia on Friday — and that’s when it […]
February 17, 2013

Strange supernova remnant harbors Milky Way’s youngest black hole

While stars like our Sun go gently into that good night, stars more than 25 times more massive explode in violent supernovae. Since stars that big […]
February 16, 2013

NASA Addresses the Russian Meteor Explosion

A small asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere early Friday, February 15, 2013 over Chelyabinsk, Russia at about 9:20 am local Russian time. Initial estimates, according to Bill […]
February 16, 2013

New Details About Russian Meteor

[Update: As more information has been gathered about the meteor, numbers are being revised. Earlier in the day, the Russian Academy of Sciences stated that the meteor probably […]
February 15, 2013

Hundreds reportedly injured by blasts as meteor falls in Russia

A meteor streaked across the sky above Russia’s Ural Mountains on Friday morning, causing sharp explosions and injuring more than 500 people, many of them hurt […]
February 14, 2013

Asteroid's close shave ranks among Earth's biggest hits (and misses)

When the asteroid known as 2012 DA14 zooms within 17,200 miles of our planet on Friday, it’ll mark the closest approach by a killer space rock […]