January 20, 2013

Phase of Beauty

Astronauts, unsurprisingly, get a unique view of Earth. Their perspective removes them from the day-to-day strife those of us surface-dwellers experience, and over time they get […]
January 19, 2013

Chris Hadfield speaks live from space station to kids at Milton school named for him

Commander Chris Hadfield had a gymnasium of more than 800 children and their teachers over the moon Thursday morning during a live broadcast from outer space. The 20-minute […]
January 19, 2013

NASA Sends Mona Lisa to the Moon on a Laser Ride

Man-in-the-Moon, meet humankind’s most enigmatic Earthly smile, courtesy of NASA. The U.S. space agency’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) scientists this week beamed an image of the […]
January 19, 2013

White Veins of Mars: Curiosity Hits 'A Jackpot' in Quest for Wetter Past

White veins of minerals coursing through rocks on the floor of Mars’s Gale Crater are providing some of the strongest evidence yet that the rover Curiosity’s […]
January 18, 2013

Extraterresterial Life Exists

If a group of scientists are correct, tiny fossils uncovered inside a meteorite found in Sri Lanka in December are proof of extraterrestrial life. In a […]
January 18, 2013

Fiction to Fact #2: The Maze (1953)

Throughout the 1950’s there were quite a few Creature Features that have continued to inspire generations.  Consider this film, originally in 3D with a initial scene […]
January 18, 2013

Mars rover Curiosity's tracks seen from space

The Red Planet ramblings of NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity are clearly visible in a new image snapped by a sharp-eyed spacecraft. The rover photo, taken on […]
January 17, 2013

Europe and US agree details for Orion astronaut spacecraft

The US and Europe have cemented their plan to work together on the Americans’ next-generation capsule system to take humans beyond Earth. The Orion vehicle is […]
January 17, 2013

Canada's robot begins 1st satellite refuelling job

The Canadian-built robot handyman aboard the International Space Station is attempting to demonstrate for the first time that a machine can carry out the delicate task […]