February 11, 2013

NASA to launch Earth-watching satellite

When NASA’s Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) launches today, it will deliver to orbit the latest and most capable Earth-observing satellite in a four-decade long project […]
February 11, 2013

The Hypersonic Spaceplanes of Yesteryear

Last month, the German Aerospace Center announced its SpaceLiner. This still-on-paper hypersonic suborbital spaceplane is theoretically capable of taking up to 50 passengers at a time to […]
February 10, 2013

A Song from Space

A lot of music has been written about space and space travel, but very few have been sung from space. And fewer still have involved a […]
February 10, 2013

Commercial Moon Flights Coming Soon?

How much would you like to see humanity travel back to the moon? Or for that matter, how much would you like to stand amongst the […]
February 10, 2013

Astronaut Icon: The Space Suit – Project Gemini

While the Project Mercury suit was designed solely as a secondary source of protection for the astronauts, the Project Gemini suit needed to be fully functional […]
February 9, 2013

What are the odds there is life in outer space?

Ever since humans acknowledged the enormity of the universe, we have intuited that life must exist somewhere, either in our galaxy or some galaxy far, far away. If […]
February 8, 2013

Kickstarter For An Open-Source Death Star Has Raised More Than $300,000

White House officials have already shot down a proposal for a Death Star, but who needs ’em? A new Kickstarter campaign is bringing the Death Star to the people, […]
February 8, 2013

Drill, Rover, Drill: Curiosity Bores Into Mars Rock for First Time

NASA’s Curiosity rover turned on its drill and bored into a rock on Mars early today, the first time humans have ever drilled on a planet […]
February 8, 2013

Strange flashing star could be twins

Scientists have discovered a strange flashing star floating in space. The star system is dubbed LRLL 54361 and was discovered using the infrared Spitzer Observatory and […]