Solar wind

December 17, 2018

Here’s the First Image of the Sun from the Parker Solar Probe

It’s been 124 days since the Parker Solar Probe was launched, and several weeks since it made the closest approach any spacecraft has ever made to […]
November 3, 2017

Space dust is stirring this star’s plasma soup

375 light years away in the constellation Hydra is a dusty star. W Hydrae is one of the brightest in our night sky, and it’s gathering tiny […]
July 16, 2016


NASA has spotted an enormous black blotch growing on the surface of the Sun. It looks eerie, but this dark region is nothing to fear, though […]
October 25, 2015

Working with Space: 5 Interesting Tools You Didn't Know NASA Used

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is most commonly known for sending astronauts into space, but a vast majority of NASA launches involve the deployment […]
August 26, 2014

Southern Lights filmed from International Space Station

The European Space Agency has released time-lapse footage of the Aurora Australis, known as the “southern lights”, that was filmed from the International Space Station. The […]
September 2, 2013

So, You’re Interested in Astronomy?

Hello again, and welcome back to – So, You’re Interested in Astronomy? If you remember, so far we’ve looked at a number of brilliant facts about […]
January 27, 2013

From SciFi to SciFact #4: The Solar Sail

One of the most highly-anticipated pieces of dream technology is the solar sail, a concept featured in the visually beautiful Disney animation “Treasure Planet. While the […]