March 29, 2019

SpaceX Releases a New Render of What the All-Steel Starship Will Look Like Returning to Earth

SpaceX Releases a New Render of What the All-Steel Starship Will Look Like Returning to Earth The design for SpaceX’s Starship (aka. Big Falcon Rocket) is really starting […]
March 28, 2019

NASA must land astronauts on moon within 5 years, U.S. vice-president says

Space agency had been aiming for 2028, 4 years later than Mike Pence’s new deadline U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence on Tuesday called for landing astronauts on […]
February 3, 2019

Boeing’s astronaut taxi is a go, will launch a test flight next month

Boeing had problems in the development of their spacecraft, the Starliner, when a propellant leak occurred during testing last year. But now those problems have been overcome and […]
August 28, 2014

NASA Completes Key Review of World’s Most Powerful Rocket in Support of Journey to Mars

NASA officials Wednesday announced they have completed a rigorous review of the Space Launch System (SLS) — the heavy-lift, exploration class rocket under development to take humans […]
August 27, 2014

NASA's asteroid plan may be cheapest route to Mars

WASHINGTON — NASA plans to redirect a small asteroid into lunar orbit during the next decade as part of a steppingstone approach to landing astronauts on […]
August 5, 2014

Underway Recovery Tests for NASA's Orion Spacecraft

A test version of NASA’s Orion spacecraft floats inside the well deck of the U.S.S. Anchorage on Aug. 2, 2014, during recovery tests off the coast […]
June 27, 2014

Nasa's Orion capsule that will take man to the red planet passes first parachute tests

The spacecraft it is hoped will take man to Mars has passed its first parachute tests with flying colours. Nasa’s Orion spacecraft landed gently using its […]
June 21, 2014

NASA wants to capture an asteroid in 2019

NASA has been talking for some time now about its Asteroid Redirect Mission, a plan to snatch an asteroid out of space and send it into lunar […]
June 5, 2014

We're going to Mars!

Nasa backs report calling for renewed focus on red planet project – and joint missions with China Nasa should focus on a manned mission to Mars, […]