Life on Jupiter’s Moon Europa? Lander Design Team Hopes to Be the Ones to Find It

SpaceX preparing to begin Starship hopper tests

NASA unlikely to return Mars samples in the 2020s

NASA experiments suggest problems lie ahead for astronauts during Mars mission

Who’s Out There–Weirdos?

Elon Musk reveals SpaceX Starship

Sending astronauts to Mars would be stupid, astronaut says

Listen to the very first sounds recorded on Mars

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Will There Be Human Life on Mars?

Top 15 Facts about the Emirates Mars Mission

It’s Official: NASA Just Announced a Bold 3-Part Plan to Send Humans to The Moon And Mars

The Newest Mars Base Concept Is a Giant Igloo at the Martian North Pole

Nasa Curiosity Rover photographs mysterious ‘structure’ on the surface of Mars

NASA reveals winners of 3D-printed mars habitat competition

Mars has tons of newly discovered water in a 12-mile-wide reservoir

World UFO Day 2018: How close have we actually got to finding aliens, and what would they be like?

Astronaut Don Peterson, made first shuttle spacewalk, dies at 84

How to Make Inspiring Spacecraft Designs a Reality

A ‘Mars on Earth’ Helps Scientists with Their Search for Alien Life

NASA launches InSight spacecraft bound for Mars

NASA’s Launching a Lander That Will Dig on Mars

SpaceX & the Future of Travel

Watch SpaceX launch a Falcon 9 rocket with a bunch of Iridium satellites

Deep-Space Radiation May Be Getting More Dangerous for Future Astronauts


Who’s Out There?—Focusing On Chemicals

Massachusetts Students to Speak with NASA Astronaut on Space Station

This Website Lets You Track Elon Musk’s Sports Car Through Space

‘Oumuamua: ‘space cigar’s’ tumble hints at violent past

Meet the BFR, SpaceX’s next big rocket

This may be the moment SpaceX opened the cosmos to the masses

SpaceX receives launch license for first Falcon Heavy launch

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket somehow survived a landing in the Atlantic Ocean

Tesla Roadster set to launch into space on SpaceX Falcon Heavy on February 6

Watch SpaceX’s massive Falcon Heavy rocket pass an explosive milestone

SpaceX and customers defend Falcon 9 performance after Zuma mission

SpaceX launches secretive Zuma spacecraft

NASA expects commercial crew providers to achieve safety requirements

After 37 years, Voyager 1 has fired up its trajectory thrusters

Here’s What a Volcano on Mars Looked Like to Mariner 9 in 1971

The atmosphere of Mars is approximately 96 percent carbon dioxide, but new research suggests that oxygen could be generated through plasma technology. NASA/JPL-Caltech SPACE Oxygen From Plasma Could Help Astronauts Breathe on Mars Developing a supply of oxygen on the Red Planet would help sustain a human colony on Mars — and generating it from plasma could be the answer.

Oxygen From Plasma Could Help Astronauts Breathe on Mars

Scientists Just Found the Perfect Spot to Build an Underground Colony on the Moon

Meltwater From Glaciers May Have Flowed on Ancient Mars

Methane Bursts May Have Helped Water Flow on Ancient Mars

Water Ice Mystery Found at Martian Equator

Regulus and it’s Rare Lunar Occultation

Cassini: Saturn probe to set up death plunge

Cassini Enters Final Phase of Its 13-Year-Long Orbit of Saturn

SpaceX lands another one of its Falcon 9 rockets on solid ground

After NASA review, experimental plasma rocket on track for 100-hour test

Long March 5 launch fails

SpaceX Dragon and Falcon 9 Rocket Photobomb Each Other’s Selfies in Space

Recycled Falcon 9 rocket survives one of SpaceX’s most challenging landings yet

1st Private Space Station Will Become an Off-Earth Manufacturing Hub

Mars was probably habitable for longer than we thought

The Moon Is Hot and Mars Is Not (At Least in Recent Sci-Fi)

Lego is releasing its coolest spaceship to date: an Apollo Saturn V

Martian Meteorites Could Reveal That the Red Planet Was Wetter Than We Thought

NASA prevents probe’s collision with Martian moon Phobos


Organic Material Discovery Suggests Life Could Exist on Dwarf Planet Ceres

Mars 2020 Could Return to Where NASA’s Spirit Rover Roamed


NASA’s Rover Curiosity Reveals Something Weird About Mars’ Ancient Atmosphere

NASA’s Curiosity finds new water evidence in possible cracked mud

Spacecraft ‘Sees’ the Mysteries Buried Under the Polar Ice Caps of Mars

How science fiction has imagined colonizing our solar system and beyond

So, You’re Still Interested In Astronomy? The Insight Mission

China unveils 2020 Mars mission probe and rover

Europe’s space agency will beam your message to Polaris

Past Science Fiction Theories That Have Become Reality


Five of the Most Prominent Proposed Mars Mission


4 Future Technologies Revolutionizing Safety Today

NASA Cover Up? City Found On Mars, Conspiracy Theorists Say

The Necessity of Space Exploration

Unexpected discovery on Mars may revolutionize planet’s history

NASA enlists the United Arab Emirates’ help for mission to Mars

Congress wants to know if NASA can really get to Mars

European Space Agency’s ExoMars successfully starts its journey to the red planet

ExoMars Mission Launches On Monday To Search For Signs Of Life On Mars

Who’s Out There?—Water and Genes, The Odds Go Up (1)

Reaching Mars in a few days? It’s possible, NASA video says

NASA rover ‘snaps ancient burial site on Mars’ sending alien hunters into a flap

NASA to Decide Fate of Troubled Mars Lander Next Month

Rare 5 planet line-up best viewed this week

Nasa is running out of plutonium for spacecraft, but a new plan could help

Curiosity rover snaps selfie on Mars

Nasa releases incredible video of flight over dwarf planet Ceres

New Shepard: Bezos flight ‘demonstrates reuse’

SpaceX Just Test-Fired Its Spaceship For Astronauts, The ‘Dragon 2’

The reason we haven’t met aliens may be that they don’t live long enough

SpaceX rocket damaged as it attempts ocean landing

Who’s Out There—Life’s Struggle On Earth

USPS gets geeky with Star Trek and NASA stamps

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