June 30, 2018

NASA planning revisions to commercial crew test flight schedule

RENTON, Wash. — With official dates for commercial crew test flights looming, NASA officials have indicated a revised schedule, taking into account the status of vehicle […]
February 17, 2016

Rocket launch from Tanegashima Space Centre in Japan

Japan has launched a rocket from the Tanegashima Space Centre in the south of the country. It was taking an astronomy observation satellite – the “Astro-H” […]
January 28, 2016

Computer beats human in ancient Chinese game

NEW YORK  — A computer program has beaten a human champion at the ancient Chinese board game Go, marking a significant advance for development of artificial […]
December 20, 2015

More People, More Problems: Overpopulation and the Importance of Space Research

7.3 billion is a hard number to really comprehend. It’s approximately the number of seconds that go by over the course of 231 years. It’s twice […]
June 23, 2015

NASA could launch nuclear bombs into space to defend Earth from asteroids

Hollywood may have got it right after all. Nasa and the National Nuclear Security Administration have announced they are now working together on the possibility of […]
June 25, 2014

Tokyo robot museum guides look eerily human

The new robot guides at a Tokyo museum look so eerily human and speak so smoothly they almost outdo people — almost. Japanese robotics expert Hiroshi […]
April 20, 2014

The Four Funniest Robots in Sci-Fi

Intelligent robots are one of the most common tropes in sci-fi, simply because it’s interesting to think about what a human relationship could be to a […]
March 23, 2014

The Top Four Sci-Fi Anime Series

Animation is a natural medium to portray unrealistic situations–say, science fiction scenes–because the only limit to what you can depict is what you can draw. Japan, […]
January 16, 2014

Building the International Space Station

Everyone knows about the space station. We know people are up there living their lives a few months at a time, away from home, away from […]