November 1, 2015

5 Awesome Apps For Astronauts!

Some of us want to be Astronauts, some of us wanted to be Astronauts! But that doesn’t mean we can’t be one now! There are a […]
January 31, 2014

A Secret Solar Eclipse from Outer Space

Call it the eclipse nobody saw. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) got its own private solar eclipse showing from its geosynchronous orbital perch today. Twice a year […]
August 23, 2013

5 Apps That Will Take You Into Space

As technology continues to improve and enhance our lives, keeping up with our hobbies and interests becomes easier and easier. Whatever you may be interested in, […]
May 22, 2013

Europa Report

This summer, a different kind of science fiction movie, Europa Report, is coming out. I saw some buzz about it last year, and it looked interesting—it’s a […]