German Aerospace Center

September 16, 2016

So, You’re Still Interested In Astronomy? The Insight Mission

So, You’re Still Interested In Astronomy? Hello again. Last time out, we looked at 10 factors that showed how diverse our own Solar System is. This […]
March 23, 2016

See Ceres's Spots Shine In Extraordinary Detail

Our best view yet of the dwarf planet‘s mysterious bright splotches The Dawn spacecraft has just sent back some great new views of the dwarf planet […]
July 21, 2015

Philae comet lander falls silent

The Philae comet lander has fallen silent, according to scientists working on the European Rosetta mission. The fridge-sized spacecraft, which landed on Comet 67P in November, […]
March 20, 2015

Ancient Supernova 'Dust Factory' Found in Galactic Core

Through the use of a monster telescope attached to a modified Boeing 747 jet, astronomers have discovered the dust of an ancient supernova near the center […]
February 11, 2013

The Hypersonic Spaceplanes of Yesteryear

Last month, the German Aerospace Center announced its SpaceLiner. This still-on-paper hypersonic suborbital spaceplane is theoretically capable of taking up to 50 passengers at a time to […]
January 27, 2013

Hypersonic 'spaceliner' aims to carry passengers in 2050

A hypersonic “SpaceLiner” would whisk up to 50 passengers from Europe to Australia in 90 minutes. The futuristic vehicle would do so by riding a rocket […]