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Nasa’s front-line defense against killer rocks from space

Rare 5 planet line-up best viewed this week

Congressional committee says NASA’s Mars mission is in critical need of a plan

Curiosity rover snaps selfie on Mars

Nasa releases incredible video of flight over dwarf planet Ceres

watch spacex test its parachutes for the crew dragon

Astronomers discover largest solar system

Blue Origin to ramp up New Shepard tests

Goodbye, Philae

New Shepard: Bezos flight ‘demonstrates reuse’

Can there really be a planet in our solar system that we don’t know about?

SpaceX Just Test-Fired Its Spaceship For Astronauts, The ‘Dragon 2’

The reason we haven’t met aliens may be that they don’t live long enough

Is there life on Mars? It’s not likely, say scientists, after four-year experiment in Earth’s coldest place

Who’s Out There—Life’s Struggle On Earth

Watch here as spacex attempts to make history by landing its rocket on a drone ship

British astronaut Tim Peake ‘exhilarated’ to make first spacewalk

What happens if we find out an asteroid is heading for earth?

European Space Agency’s comet lander fails to communicate, running out of time

New Nasa office will protect the Earth from asteroids

How to deal with a medical emergency on the Space Station

Gaofen 4, the world’s most powerful geo spy satellite, continues china’s great leap forward into space

Vietnam is baffled by mysterious metal ‘space balls’ that apparently fell from the sky

Event horizon snapshot due in 2017

How the stage was set for the satellite race

So – You’re Still Interested in Astronomy? The Asteroid Belt

USPS gets geeky with Star Trek and NASA stamps

NASA Needs Lander To Find Life On Ceres

Inventions that came out of the space race

Nasa sent the International Space Station Ridley Scott’s The Martian and Alien to watch over Christmas

NASA’s 2016 Mars mission called off

Launch, Landing and Inspiration

SpaceX Successfully Lands A Giant Falcon 9 Rocket For The First Time

Spacex launch delayed to boost the chances of landing afterward

An Earthrise from the moon

Who’s Out There—NASA’s Astrobiology

Dark Energy

NASA Captures Bewildering Footage Of UFO Entering & Leaving Earth’s Atmosphere

5 Outta-This-World Room Ideas

The Astronaut Hopeful’s Manifesto: An Applicant’s Guide To NASA Astronaut Selection

Independence Day 2 Resurgence

Three More Astronauts To The International Space Station

NASA’s 5 fun facts about the Geminid meteor shower

Nasa releases plans for the Orion space capsule’s first mission as it prepares to head to Mars

Tim Peake: a man on a (space) mission

This NASA engineer has all kinds of insight into the real science of ‘Star Wars’

NASA hacker says agency removes aliens from photos, faked moon landing

NASA: we’re leaving the space station to the private sector

esa astronaut will run the london marathon from space

NASA Mars mission suffers problem with key instrument

NASA pours cold comets on aliens-make-star-flutter theory

Nasa considering mars drone for 2020 rover

NASA orders first crewed mission from SpaceX to the ISS

Scott Kelly Twitter photos have UFO hunters buzzing

NASA invests further in ‘humanoid robots’ with MIT

Scientists watch cosmic dust transform into newborn planet

Astronaut tweets shot of ‘UFO’ taken from International Space Station

UFO fanatics spot ancient god on Mars

How the Sun stole Mars’ atmosphere

NASA scientists shocked by what they found on Pluto’s surface

Video shot from a plane captures fiery demise of ‘UFO’ space junk

10 stunning space missions you’ve never heard of

NASA reviews progress of habitat development for deep-space exploration

Space junk WT1190F is hitting Earth Today: How you can see the collision live

The 116 photos NASA picked to explain our world to aliens

Mars’ moon Phobos could be headed for destruction

‘Most distant’ Solar System object spied

Inside Russia’s Star City as British astronaut prepares to blast off into space

Alien Birds On Mars?

Meet Timothy Peake, the astronaut boldly going where no Brit has gone before

Bizarre ‘donut UFO’ vanishes after International Space Station camera spots it

Mars atmosphere ‘eroded by Sun activity’

International Space Station: 15 facts marking 15 years

NASA releases stunning 4K video of the sun as you’ve never seen it before

Mars is destroying its moon Phobos

So – You’re Still Interested in Astronomy?

Forget life on Mars, how about life inside moons?

Apollo astronaut left hidden message on the moon

Russia just announced that it’s sending humans to the moon

Astronaut Scott Kelly to break US spaceflight record

WATCH LIVE: NASA Astronauts Taking Spacewalk Outside ISS

SETI Institute Undertakes Search for Alien Signal from Kepler Star KIC 8462852

In Space, No One Can Hear You Sneeze

Venus, Jupiter and Mars line up for skyline spectacle

Can NASA grow a garden on the Red Planet?

Working with Space: 5 Interesting Tools You Didn’t Know NASA Used

Pluto’s moon Kerberos finally shows itself


NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Sets US Record for Most Time in Space

NASA just announced an unexpected asteroid flyby this Halloween

Who’s Out There?—The Bottom Line

Pluto science paper highlights new mysteries

Alien ‘megastructures’ orbiting star

NASA shows where Matt Damon would have been stranded on Mars

The First Private Mission to the Moon Is Planned to Launch in 2017

Astronauts perform tricks on board the International Space Station

How NASA Plans To Protect Planets Against An Alien Invasion

Depictions of astronomy in movies

Mars water discovery just 1 piece of the puzzle in figuring out which planets can sustain life

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