How an Ancient Rock Carrying Earth’s Oldest Known Crystals Ended Up on the Moon

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Astronaut Don Peterson, made first shuttle spacewalk, dies at 84

SpaceX launches five Iridium satellites and twin science spacecraft

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Study offers pessimistic outlook for commercial space stations

Who’s Out There?—Anyone of Interest?

NASA missions press ahead despite budget uncertainty

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Tiangong-1 reenters over South Pacific

How to follow along as China’s doomed space station falls to Earth

Information Systems & Data Recovery in Space

Why Is China’s Space Station Falling to Earth in the First Place?

Deep-Space Radiation May Be Getting More Dangerous for Future Astronauts


Who’s Out There?—Focusing On Chemicals

Elon Musk debuted a trailer “for the next part of the human story” at SXSW

William Shatner Wants You to Send Your Name to the Sun on NASA’s Historic Solar Probe

Should We Open Some Sealed Apollo Moon Samples?

World’s Biggest Plane Taxis Closer to Takeoff

‘Oumuamua: ‘space cigar’s’ tumble hints at violent past

Meet the BFR, SpaceX’s next big rocket

The James Webb Space Telescope finally takes shape

NASA’s GOLD Mission Will Observe How Weather on Earth and in Space Interact

Potential end of the ISS raises concerns, presents opportunities

Rocket Lab Electron reaches orbit on second launch

Delays and safety concerns mar NASA’s plans to fly astronauts on commercial spacecraft

What Discoveries Will Space Research Bring in 2018?

Japanese astronaut apologizes for spreading ‘fake news’ after claiming to have grown 3.5 inches while in space

Russia pushing to partner with NASA on lunar gateway

NASA Is Considering Sending a “Dragonfly” Drone to an Alien World

NASA astronaut Bruce McCandless, who died Thursday, gave us one of the best space photos ever

Cosmic Watch – A Time Traveller’s Delight

Haunted Again: Skull-Faced ‘Halloween Asteroid’ Returns in 2018

Who’s Out There?—Geologic Features Favoring Exolife

NASA Astronaut Bresnik and Crewmates Return to Earth From Space Station

Rocket Lab scrubs Electron launch after last-second abort

So, You’re Still Interested in Astronomy?

After 37 years, Voyager 1 has fired up its trajectory thrusters

SpaceX aims to follow a banner year with an even faster 2018 launch cadence

Here’s What a Volcano on Mars Looked Like to Mariner 9 in 1971

Who’s Out There?—Time To Get Real?

SpaceX Is Launching the Secret Zuma Mission Tonight: Watch It Live!

His Very Own Asteroid: Space Rock Named for Italian Astronaut

NASA’s next big rocket probably won’t fly until 2020

‘A New Space Age’ Summit to Explore Spaceflight’s Bright Future

SpaceX Will Launch Another Used Dragon Capsule to Space Station Soon

Canadian astronomer spots ‘visitor’ from beyond our solar system

The atmosphere of Mars is approximately 96 percent carbon dioxide, but new research suggests that oxygen could be generated through plasma technology. NASA/JPL-Caltech SPACE Oxygen From Plasma Could Help Astronauts Breathe on Mars Developing a supply of oxygen on the Red Planet would help sustain a human colony on Mars — and generating it from plasma could be the answer.

Oxygen From Plasma Could Help Astronauts Breathe on Mars

The place spacecraft go to die


If an astronaut gets hurt on the moon, this is how we’ll rescue them

International Space Station

What Did It Take to Build the International Space Station?

Space Station Astronauts Taking Spacewalk Today: Watch It Live

Vice President Pence Pledges Renewed Lunar Focus for US Space Agency

Methane Bursts May Have Helped Water Flow on Ancient Mars

Water Ice Mystery Found at Martian Equator

Digging into the Great Beyond with Space Archaeology

Deep Space Gateway to Open Opportunities for Distant Destinations

Blue Origin signs up third customer for New Glenn

Astronomers discover an asteroid is actually two — and that it’s also a comet

Students at National Air and Space Museum to Speak with Space Station Astronaut

SpaceX Dragon Cargo Craft Splashes Down in Pacific Ocean

NASA’s Cassini probe has broken apart in Saturn’s atmosphere — ending its 20-year journey 14

Cassini: Saturn probe to set up death plunge

Cassini hints at young age for Saturn’s rings

NASA proposes rapid Mars sample return architecture

So, You’re Still Interested in Astronomy: LIFE

ASA Has Big Plans for AI on Mars and Beyond

Cassini Enters Final Phase of Its 13-Year-Long Orbit of Saturn

NASA is about to find out if a supercomputer can survive a year in space

Big, Dangerous Comets More Common Than Thought

NASA Recommends Safety Tips to View the August Solar Eclipse

Apollo 11 Anniversary: Neil Armstrong Spacesuit’s ‘Reboot’ Effort Kicks Into Gear

Bad News for Life: TRAPPIST-1 Planets’ Atmospheres May Have Been Destroyed

Who’s Out There?—Problems Getting Started

Moon Express ‘lunar outpost’ looks gorgeous, but don’t get too excited yet

NASA’s Juno spacecraft is about to peer into the depths of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

4th July in Space: How Will the Astronauts Celebrate?

Long March 5 launch fails

Did Life on Earth Come From Outer Space?

Is It Time to Rethink How We Search for Alien Life?

Ten ways that astronauts are helping you stay healthy

More Alien Worlds! NASA to Announce New Exoplanet Finds Monday

Baby Star’s ‘Crying’ Solves a Stellar Mystery

Our sun might have been born with an evil twin called “Nemesis”

12 Possible Reasons We Haven’t Found Aliens

Become a Citizen of the Asgardia Space Nation With 300kb of Data

Comet Strikes May Have Helped Spur Life on Earth

Earth Faces an Increased Risk of Being Hit by an Asteroid, Astronomers Warn

Here’s What Emergency Medicine Will Look Like for Astronauts in Space

1st Private Space Station Will Become an Off-Earth Manufacturing Hub

NASA’s GPS-Like Deep Space Navigation Experiment Set to Launch on SpaceX Rocket

Mars was probably habitable for longer than we thought

Commercial crew vehicles may fall short of safety threshold

Butterfly Craters on Mars, Mercury, Moon Reveal Similarities and Differences

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