Discovery Program

December 9, 2018

Listen to the very first sounds recorded on Mars

InSight rumbles with alien Martian wind. Last week a gust of wind swept across the Elysium Planitia, the tropical plane that straddles the Martian equator. It […]
December 8, 2018

This is a Martian selfie from the InSight lander

After a seven-month journey to the Red Planet, NASA’s InSight lander is stretching out and preparing to unpack at its final destination. InSight touched down safely on the […]
November 27, 2018

NASA’s InSight lander survived ‘seven minutes of terror’ to touch down on Mars

We did it: NASA just landed on Mars again. The first image back from the InSight lander shows just a few pebbles around the surface—which is very […]
November 25, 2018

NASA’s latest and greatest Mars lander will touch down on the red planet Monday

NASA’s InSight lander has been hurtling through the solar system for over seven months. Now its time has come. InSight — sent to observe Martian earthquakes and study […]
October 15, 2018

What’s the difference between a comet and an asteroid?

They both orbit the sun, but they’re very different. In our solar system, there are a lot of things that circle, or orbit, around our Sun. […]
July 9, 2018

Kepler in safe mode amid concerns spacecraft is running out of fuel

WASHINGTON — NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has paused science observations upon receiving indications that the spacecraft may be finally running out of fuel after more than nine […]
November 12, 2015

Mars' moon Phobos could be headed for destruction

It’s hard to miss the groove marks that crisscross the moon Phobos. But rather than scars from a past encounter with an asteroid or another space […]
September 14, 2015

Who’s Out There?—M Dwarfs and Subice Oceans

Before Kepler 452b grabbed our attention with its near-Earth size orbit in the Goldilocks (liquid water) zone of a G2 sun like ours, the M dwarf stars were […]
September 11, 2013

Team Attempts to Restore Communications

Deep Impact Mission Status Report PASADENA, Calif. – Ground controllers have been unable to communicate with NASA’s long-lived Deep Impact spacecraft. Last communication with the spacecraft […]