Coronal mass ejection

August 23, 2016

NASA regains contact with long-silent solar science spacecraft

WASHINGTON — For the first time in nearly two years, NASA has made contact with a science spacecraft on the opposite side of the sun from […]
September 9, 2013

Three of the Biggest Storms in Our Solar System that Don't Mess Around

Mother nature can be unforgiving when it comes to a storm that can wipe out your city. However, storms on other planets play in a different […]
July 13, 2013

Speedy tsunami seen on Sun's surface

Two satellites have seen “tsunami” spreading on the surface of the Sun after a release of matter into space called a coronal mass ejection (CME). These […]
February 3, 2013

NASA Videos Solar Eruption Aimed at Earth

The Coronal Mass Ejection will shower earth with high speed solar particles in a few days. NASA has announced that they have detected a coronal mass […]
January 24, 2013

Sun Launches a Beautiful Arc of Plasma

We are currently experiencing a very exciting time in the 11-year cycle of our sun and there’s no better better way of observing the twisted magnetic […]
December 22, 2012

NASA captures Solstice Solar Portrait

At 11:12 UT (6:12 a.m. EST), the world didn’t end (as far as I can tell), but it was a significant time none-the-less. That was the exact minute […]