Chris Hadfield

The Challenges of Returning to Regular Life After Life in Space

Earth inspires ‘never-ending sense of awe’ in astronaut Saint-Jacques

Elon Musk is building a spaceship that’s so ambitious, some experts call it ‘science fiction.’ Here’s what SpaceX and its engineers are up against.

What It’s Like to Snag a Spacecraft with the International Space Station’s Robotic Arm

Could you qualify to be a full-fledged astronaut?

Do you have what it takes to go to space? Retired astronauts weigh in on the gruelling recruitment process

Aspiring Astronauts: 4 Best Degrees for a Shot at Working for NASA

A Doctor is spending a year in Antarctica to Research the Isolation of Space

Soyuz space capsule docks with International Space Station

Astronaut Tim Peake pays tribute to Bowie from space

Listen to the Single From Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Album Recorded in Space

International Space Station: 15 facts marking 15 years

Nasa astronauts take first bites of lettuce grown in space: ‘Tastes like arugula’

Chris Hadfield launches photo book

Chris Hadfield’s breathtaking shots from space earn photography award

Star Trek’s William Shatner awarded medal by NASA


11 things you may not know about Chris Hadfield

As Astronaut’s Helmet Filled With Water, He Told NASA 3 Times It Wasn’t From Drinking Bag

China’s moon landing may usher in a new space race

Celebrating the Holidays in Space

Montreal mystery meteorite explained by Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield On Conan: Dirty Underwear Gets Ejected Into Space

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield: ‘The universe is right there on the other side’

Astronaut Chris Hadfield reveals worst fear ‘floating off into space’

Chris Hadfield weighs in on Sandra Bullock and “Gravity”

Boring NASA video features epic theme music

Chris Hadfield’s son Evan denies dad had ghostwriters

Canadian astronauts see bright future for space exploration

Overview of an astronaut’s diet

Washing your hair in space is no easy task

7 Oddball Things Found on the Space Station

Retiring astronaut Chris Hadfield about to launch lucrative speaking career

Astronaut attends high school reunion from space

Astronauts’ wives describe their own mission from NASA

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Retires From The Canadian Space Agency

From zero gravity to full health: Hadfield’s doctor sheds light on recovery, exercise program

Astronaut Shaves His Head in Space

In Case You Miss Chris Hadfield …

Original ‘Captain Kirk’ speaks to Chris Hadfield on ISS

Chris Hadfield’s Post-landing Interview with NASA

Hadfield hopes space mission spurs support for CSA

Nasa Hangout with Astronauts

Chris Hadfield on his recovery: ‘I’m readapting to it physically and mentally’

NASA Hosts Google+ Hangout With Recently Returned Space Station Astronauts

Six of the best Chris Hadfield Videos from the ISS

How Chris Hadfield and the Canadian Space Agency Went Viral

Top 16 Pictures From Astronaut Chris Hadfield on the ISS

Welcome Back, Expedition 35!

Chris Hadfield says Nasa’s job is not to ‘titillate’

Astronaut makes music video to David Bowie song aboard International Space Station

Chris Hadfield hands over command of ISS

Spacewalking repair halts station leak – for now


Saturday Spacewalk to Troubleshoot Ammonia Leak Approved

Space station leaking vital coolant, NASA says

Chris Hadfield’s Sounds from the ISS

Canadian Students Hear from ISS Commander

New space station crew to launch and dock today in cosmic first

New Space Station Crew to Launch and Dock Today in Cosmic First

Chris Hadfield: the man with the world’s best perspective

Chris Hadfield demonstrates Microbial Air Sampling on the ISS

Commander Chris Hadfield: Danny Boy In Space

Tomorrow’s astronauts may work for private firms, not space agencies

Astronaut Chris Hadfield assumes command of space station

I Can’t Believe You’re Watching This Astronaut Make a Sandwich in Space

NASA’s spacey Google+ Hangout shows off zero-G antics – and cats!

Space Is Becoming Cool Again!

Astronaut answers Reddit site questions from space

A Song from Space

Astronaut or Mission Control?

The view from the ISS: Astronaut posts breathtaking pictures of Earth

Governor General & students speak with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield

Two of Earth’s Moons in One Picture

Chris Hadfield speaks live from space station to kids at Milton school named for him

Astronaut Chris Hadfield to speak via space with Milton students

Space Rock Star: Astronaut Chris Hadfield Becoming Canadian Celebrity

Astronaut, students share final frontier

ISS astronaut reports to Captain Kirk

There’s a good reason they called us the ‘wild and crazy guys’

On the ISS, no one can hear you scream because of the noise

Astronaut Hadfield a ready, willing guinea pig

Jewel In The Night”, The First Christmas Carol From Space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield records song in space

Soyuz Spacecraft Docks at Space Station

‘I love what you’ve done with the place.’ Chris Hadfield arrives at ISS

Manitoba Museum’s Living in Space honours Canucks who roam the stars

Astronaut Chris Hadfield launches into space on five-month mission

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield set for launch of space station mission

What do astronauts eat?

The magic, good and bad, of life in orbit

Jack Knox: Third mission in space, another first for Hadfield

How to Train for Long-Duration Spaceflight, with Chris Hadfield

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