Yes, a killer asteroid could hit Earth

NASA launches probe to investigate huge asteroid it fears could one day hit Earth

NASA admits there’s ‘a chance’ that asteroid 2013 TX68 COULD smash into Earth

Large space rock burns up over Atlantic

NASA dives deeper into how it’s really using HoloLens

A small asteroid will fly by Earth on March 5 — here’s what you need to know

Nasa’s front-line defense against killer rocks from space

NASA just announced an unexpected asteroid flyby this Halloween

Meteor Lights Up Morning Sky Over Thailand

Nasa will ‘miss goal to find 90% of nearby potentially dangerous asteroids’

Nasa: Asteroid 2014 RC to safely fly past Earth

‘House-Sized’ Asteroid to Buzz Earth on Sunday

Meteor lights up night sky in northern Russia

Saving the Earth from asteroid disasters


Want to help defend the world from asteroids?

Scientists reveal the full power of the Chelyabinsk meteor explosion

NASA mothballed telescope gets new life as asteroid hunter

NASA Gets 402 Ideas for Dealing With Asteroids

Russian Chelyabinsk meteorite pieces go under microscope

NASA Tells Congress About Meteors: Pay or Pray

Russian Meteor Likely An Apollo Asteroid Chunk

What the Russian Meteorite’s Shockwave Really Felt Like on the Ground

In a modern world, meteorite’s impact is instantly global

NASA Addresses the Russian Meteor Explosion

New Details About Russian Meteor

Hundreds reportedly injured by blasts as meteor falls in Russia

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