Mysterious Substance and ‘Devilry’ Blamed for 3-Hour ‘Solar Eclipse’ in Russia

SpaceX delivers for Telesat with successful early morning launch

Elon Musk debuted a trailer “for the next part of the human story” at SXSW

Private Spacesuit Undergoes Zero-G Testing to Prepare for Commercial Flights

International Space Station Crew Invites Public Along for Photographic Trip Around World


Aspiring Astronauts: 4 Best Degrees for a Shot at Working for NASA

Women In Space

Advance in astronomy ‘can help find other worlds’

NASA’s 2016 Mars mission called off

Mars One debates MIT: CEO Bas Lansdorp still doesn’t have a plan to reach the planet

Asteroid 2004 BL86 zips past Earth today

How NASA Plans to Land Humans on Mars

Chris Hadfield launches photo book

The Top Four Pieces of Sci-Fi Music

Chris Hadfield’s breathtaking shots from space earn photography award

11 things you may not know about Chris Hadfield

About 1,100 UFOs spotted in Canada last year, survey says

High stakes: Canadian Space Agency wins hockey bet with NASA

Canadian Space Agency developing 10-year plan

Chris Hadfield weighs in on Sandra Bullock and “Gravity”

Canadian astronauts see bright future for space exploration

SpaceX wins bid to launch Canadian radar satellites

Overview of an astronaut’s diet

Retiring astronaut Chris Hadfield about to launch lucrative speaking career

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Retires From The Canadian Space Agency

Chris Hadfield’s Post-landing Interview with NASA

Chris Hadfield on his recovery: ‘I’m readapting to it physically and mentally’

Chris Hadfield’s Sounds from the ISS

I Can’t Believe You’re Watching This Astronaut Make a Sandwich in Space

Tiny ‘lunch-box’ satellites carry huge Canadian hopes into space

Quebec travel agency to offer trips into space for about $100,000

Future of program unclear after Canadian Space Agency boss quits

Governor General & students speak with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield

Canada’s robot begins 1st satellite refuelling job

Astronaut Chris Hadfield to speak via space with Milton students

HD Space Camera Will Provide Live Astronaut’s View of Earth From ISS

Space Rock Star: Astronaut Chris Hadfield Becoming Canadian Celebrity

Astronaut, students share final frontier

ISS astronaut reports to Captain Kirk

Astronaut Hadfield a ready, willing guinea pig

Astronaut Chris Hadfield records song in space

‘I love what you’ve done with the place.’ Chris Hadfield arrives at ISS

Manitoba Museum’s Living in Space honours Canucks who roam the stars

Astronaut Chris Hadfield launches into space on five-month mission

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield set for launch of space station mission

What do astronauts eat?

The magic, good and bad, of life in orbit

Jack Knox: Third mission in space, another first for Hadfield

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