September 22, 2013

Orbital Sciences Cargo Capsule Delays Rendezvous With Space Station

A software problem forced Orbital Sciences Corp. to delay Sunday’s planned rendezvous of its unmanned cargo capsule with the international space station for at least two days. The issue […]
June 27, 2013

NASA Launching New Sun-Watching Probe Tonight: Watch It Live

NASA will launch its newest solar observatory tonight (June 27), kicking off a two-year mission to study how energy moves around the active sun. A rocket […]
June 19, 2013

NASA presents an astonishing billion-pixel tour of Mars

It’s a guided tour — from about 150 million miles away. [frame type=”lifted” align=”none”][/frame] A stunning panoramic image from the Curiosity rover offers an incredibly detailed […]
May 8, 2013

Ex-NASA Shuttle Pilot Joins Virgin Galactic

Fresh off the heels of the first rocket-powered test flight of its passenger spaceship, owner and aspiring operator Virgin Galactic has added two pilots to its […]
March 6, 2013

Comet streaking close to Earth now visible in Northern Hemisphere

CAPE CANAVERAL — A recently discovered comet is closer than it’s ever been to Earth, and stargazers in the Northern Hemisphere finally get to see it. […]
February 5, 2013

Earth Safe From Asteroid's Close Flyby Next Week

An asteroid will give Earth a historically close shave next week, but there’s no chance that the space rock will slam into our planet on this […]
December 18, 2012

Success! NASA crashed successful project on the moon

Two of Nasa’s spacecrafts are deliberately crash-landed onto the moon’s surface after completing their lunar mission. The spacecrafts, named Ebb and Flow, have been orbiting the […]