Who’s Out There?—Tiny Water Critters?

Asteroid or Comet? Weird Blue Space Rock ‘Phaethon’ Gets a Close-Up

What’s the difference between a comet and an asteroid?

Grinning-Skull Asteroid Set to Whiz by Earth

They Made It! Japan’s Two Hopping Rovers Successfully Land on Asteroid Ryugu

Space Rock in the Crosshairs! Japanese Spacecraft Takes Close-Up Images of Target Asteroid

Astronaut Don Peterson, made first shuttle spacewalk, dies at 84

Space Jams! Astronauts and Cosmonauts Rock Out at the International Space Station

Cosmic Watch – A Time Traveller’s Delight

Haunted Again: Skull-Faced ‘Halloween Asteroid’ Returns in 2018

NASA issues study contracts for Deep Space Gateway element

Canadian astronomer spots ‘visitor’ from beyond our solar system

International Space Station

What Did It Take to Build the International Space Station?

Methane Bursts May Have Helped Water Flow on Ancient Mars


Amateur Astronomer Captures Mystery Object Crashing Into Jupiter

NASA admits there’s ‘a chance’ that asteroid 2013 TX68 COULD smash into Earth

NASA dives deeper into how it’s really using HoloLens

A small asteroid will fly by Earth on March 5 — here’s what you need to know

Nasa’s front-line defense against killer rocks from space

What happens if we find out an asteroid is heading for earth?

New Nasa office will protect the Earth from asteroids

This NASA engineer has all kinds of insight into the real science of ‘Star Wars’

UFO fanatics spot ancient god on Mars


NASA just announced an unexpected asteroid flyby this Halloween

‘Doomsday asteroid’ will zoom past Earth tomorrow, NASA reveals in ‘threat’ alert

Asteroid ‘headed to destroy Earth’ almost certainly isn’t real, Nasa says

Hundreds of thousands of unseen asteroids that ‘could hit Earth’ hurtling through space

NASA is planning to deflect an asteroid in 2022 — to learn how to protect Earth

NASA plans mission to land on asteroid and explore deep space

NASA wants to deploy manned solar-powered airships to Venus

Nasa: Asteroid 2014 RC to safely fly past Earth

‘House-Sized’ Asteroid to Buzz Earth on Sunday

Asteroid smash-up captured by NASA telescope

Meteor Impact Craters Around the World – The Infographic

NASA wants to capture an asteroid in 2019

NASA warns of ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid

So – you’re still interested in astronomy? The Asteroid Belt

Full details on manned ASTEROID SNATCH mission

Boring NASA video features epic theme music

NASA releases animation of mission to capture asteroid

NASA Gets 402 Ideas for Dealing With Asteroids

NASA Announces Asteroid Grand Challenge

Asteroid 1998 QE2 flies past Earth

Will NASA Announce Plans to Snag an Asteroid and Fly It to Earth?

NASA said to request $100 million for plan to capture near-Earth asteroid

Asteroid To Pass Earth In Record Near Miss

Record-setting asteroid to shave past Earth next month

Asteroid may become moon for earths moon

Good news confirmed: Asteroid won’t hit Earth in 2040

How to Defend Earth From Asteroids

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