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When daredevil Felix Baumgartner broke three world records Oct. 14, 2012, by jumping from a pressurized capsule 127,852 feet above the Earth, millions of people watched. And no doubt nearly every single one of them wondered, “Would I do that?” Not everyone might jump if given the chance, but two companies are working on a space suit to make the feat possible for those who would.

Solar System Express and Juxtopia, both based in Baltimore, MD-based, have teamed up to create a space diving suit that they say could be in production by 2016. The initial testing will be done by a robot, not a human.

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The suit will be able to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure changes and help the diver deal with the lack of oxygen. An augmented reality heads-up display will show the wearer his or her vital signs as well as the technical details related to the outside conditions. Rocket boosters in the boots will help stabilize the person’s descent.

video shows what space diving might look like. The big question is, Would you do it?

Credit: Youtube screengrab

Source: Discovery News

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