What makes an outfit ideal, convenient, and perfect – perhaps, features that cater to your needs. Here, it is indispensable to mention that suits we are considering aren’t just ordinary costumes worn by space cadets.  With unique and futuristic designs, “Spacesuits” are built to safeguard space visitors from harsh interstellar conditions.  Its construction and design follow certain thumb-rules to maintain the delicacy looks and features it holds. However, with all the safety measures, if designing and development are not performed with accuracy, it may lead to severe injuries – sometime, fatal ones. Recent research suggests that astronauts have faced harsh health conditions due to having flaws with their spacesuits. Therefore, to set the bar of standards, researches and scientists are advancing each day, trying to come up with advanced techniques, aiming to uplift space-suits quality; while maintaining its exquisiteness and class.

Why Do Astronauts Need Spacesuits?


A spacesuit is a special purpose outfit, designed to protect astronauts and space visitors from harsh space conditions. In space, the human body is exposed to harmful radiations, having the capability to cause severe conditions to human skin. Regardless of all, space-suits guard against all those harsh factors efficiently and effectively. Moreover, these are designed to safeguard the human body against extreme cold and low-pressure conditions, enabling them to continue with their work and research tasks in space. Additionally, these are featured with other accessories, helping astronauts in maintaining their body temperature, allowing them to breathe comfortably. Below mentioned are the essential elements that need to be incorporated in a spacesuit.



SpaceX & Virgin Galactic –Innovators That Rule Space

That being said, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, deserves much appreciation for coming up with sleek and exceptionally futuristic Spacesuit designs. These spaceflight giants have changed the perception of an ordinary man, by providing him with the opportunity to visit space, in the safest way possible. With the leading number of space launches around the globe, consistency is what has lead SpaceX and Virgin Galactic to succeed.  With cutting-edge technological advancements, their spacesuits are exclusively designed to improve the space travel experience to its absolute best.

Essential Parameters

  • Helmet

An outer helmet with see-through glass material is made from polycarbonate material, helping them to see events in real-time. A communication device is provided within the helmet, allowing astronauts in communication.

  • Upper torso

Fiberglass, the material from which robust upper torso forms, is considered to be the core unit of the suit. It’s the most intensive part of the whole spacesuit modules. Understanding the sheer complexity of survival in space, many advancements have been made in the spacesuit’s design and the material used for its production.

  • Arms

The arm assembly is assembled to the torso, comprising of 14 layers. It is available in a range of sizes to suffice different arm length needs. The closest layers comprise of ventilation and liquid cooling material. Subsequent layers are provided to retrain extreme pressure conditions, generally made up of urethane and aluminum-coated polyester.

  • Gloves

Bearing in each wrist, attached to the arms are the gloves. Due to extremely cold conditions, the gloves have a built-in system to heat fingertips. A checklist is mounted on the wrist, allowing spacewalkers to see what needs to be completed during the spacewalk.

  • Lower Torso

A unique assemble of bearing is used to join upper and lower torso assembly, allowing astronauts to move quickly without any hassle. A screw and rivet system is used to join different parts together.

Primary life support subsystems

  • Oxygen Backpack

Among the various essential components of a spacesuit, an oxygen backpack is helping astronauts in respirations. Moreover, carbon dioxide that astronauts breathe out is also sucked out simultaneously. This the most prevalent feature that is a “Must” for every spacesuit.

  • Extravehicular Activity Rescue

If the astronaut becomes detached from the station or spacecraft, the suit has a type of space-life jacket. Known as the simplified aid for extravehicular activity rescue, it features nitrogen-powered thrusters and a control stick to let the astronaut propel and steer to safety.

Space-suit for Virgin Galactic – Bespoke space tourism

For decades people were anxious to know the possibility of visiting the interstellar universe, which now has been made possible by Virgin Galactic space missions. Beyond the limits of human reach, Virgin Galactic has come with its tourism mission into space, giving on the opportunity to a common man to visit and admire interstellar space. Being able to achieve such challenging ambition, Virgin Galactic, along with Space X, is among the first aerospace companies to launch space flights to private individuals, enabling them to enjoy the perks of nature, which was until now considered beyond the reach.

  • Golden Opportunity for Space Enthusiast

Through a wide variety of programs, Virgin galactic is thriving towards space democratization. They seek to inspire people through “Space-Inspired” science and technology, allowing brilliant minds to explore what they awaited their lives. Already into space missions, virgin galactic has now come up with more advanced spacesuits for their new potential clients, allowing them to enjoy bespoke space tourism. Below mentioned are the most futuristic aspects that you will notice in the upcoming spaceward by Virgin galactic. 

  • Exclusive Space Wear

Under Armor, a renowned technical partner with Virgin Galactic has managed to design future space wear, comprising the most outstanding features. With an exquisite overall appearance, this spacesuit mimics a “Star Wars Leather Jacket,” embracing subsequent protective layers to provide ease and comfort to commercial space visitors. Accompanying state-of-the-art technological aspects, this suit is exclusively designed to cater to the needs of a novice space traveler. That being said, let us look at the features offered by Virgin galactic in their new spacesuit.

  • Above all – Safety, is all that matters

Safety matters the most when heading towards a commercial space program. Understandably, the visitors are not going to be experts and must be provided with a more straightforward, yet the safest suit when traveling into space. This “Star war Leather jacket” garment allows the customers to dip into space as a tourist, allowing them to enjoy the perks of the visit with much ease and comfort. These personalized suits are specially designed to keep commercial astronauts comfortable in extreme temperature conditions, minimizing the effects of G-force and weightlessness.

  • Stylish, functional “Space-suit

Featuring new aspects and designs, it is built to cater to the ease and comfort of a novice traveler. It is not made for interstellar spacewalks; therefore, you will be witnessing a much slim and sleek outfit. Unlike an ordinary astronaut suit, it doesn’t come with bulky pressurized appearance, allowing travelers to feel a bit more like a tourist, rather than a professional on-duty astronaut. The suit is primarily built to keep passengers dry, warms, and above all – safe.

  • Customized production

Each suite is custom made, exclusively tailored for their new valuable customers.  A team of expert doctors and nurses thoroughly examines each future space traveler to understand and address all the requirements thoroughly. Once all the aspects are inspected keenly, engineers and designers incorporate all the factors to build a spacesuit that is sought to fit you the best.

  • Advanced fabric material

The deep blue spacesuit is made from a lightweight flight-grade fabric material, with cushioning in elbows and knees. An auxetic material that correctly forms the shape of the body when subjected to mechanical stress and strains. It allows space travelers precision for with zero – distraction and irritation. Moreover, this futuristic material adds in providing mobility, pliability, and flexibility to its wearer, unlike other regular astronaut spacesuits, that are stiff and robust. Other materials like “Tencle Luxe, Nomex, and SpinIt are also used in controlling moisture and temperature whereabouts.

  • Unique mission patch

Personalization is the key to the design. Considering that, every suite features a unique patch on the right arm. Its primary purpose is to carry the name of the passenger and the flight as a signature for remembrance.  The design and the colour of the patch hold a unique identity and vary for every space mission.

  • There is no helmet, and that’s on purpose

Unlike a conventional spacesuit, the design with which Virgin Galactic has come up with has no hamlet. As discussed earlier, a helmet is used for outer spacewalks. Primarily, the cabin that surrounds the environment serves as a pressure sealer, allowing travelers to stay with ease during the entire space tourism mission in a bespoke way.  Furthermore, the space trip offered by Virgin Galactic is focused on letting space travels feel more like a tourist in their space program.  The goal is to make the travels enjoy and admire their views in the most comfortable way possible.

  • Machine-washable for any occasion

So, after all, spending a marvelous time experiencing interstellar space, you do not want this futuristic masterpiece to be hidden somewhere in your closet. With Virgin Galactic space costume, you are free to wear this suit, wandering around the house, preferably on the Halloweens, without the concern of it being dirty. With a machine-washable fabric, it is the suit that lets to cherish your space visit with fresh memories.

SpaceX Spacesuit Design – Innovation with the sleekness

With preeminent modifications and advancements, Elon Musk has managed to introduce a spacesuit straight out of science-fiction-flick. Its ultra-modern and aesthetically sleek appearance has received a tremendous amount of appreciation around the globe. It is precisely engineered and designed to cater to all the safety needs of an astronaut or an interstellar visitor while maintaining its aesthetics to top-notch standards. Below mentioned, are some for the most exceptional feature of the “Spacesuit” design Space has come up with.

  • It Ensures safety

Ensuring the safety of astronauts is the most imperative factor when it comes to interstellar space missions. Being able to maintain their class and reputation, experts at SpaceX introduced the most exquisite design of spacesuit, incorporating remarkable safety features.

  • Astounding design

Jose Fernandez is among the most preeminent Hollywood costume designer. Summing up all his extraordinary skills and expertise, he has introduced the most staggering and sleekest spacesuit design, leaving space enthusiasts amazed.


  • No more spiffy suits

With a lot more “Star war Leather Jacket” appearance, nothing beats the exquisiteness and charisma of space suit introduced by Space X.  Being a part of professional space missions, these spacesuits will also be available for upcoming commercial interstellar flights.

  • Better mobility

These flight suits are engineered to provide astronauts and space visitors with a whole new experience. Opting for the latest designing techniques and advanced material, the new state-of-the-art spacesuit unveils a new upgrade, allowing astronauts to move around in space with ease and comfort.

  • Life supporting features

With many other exclusive attributes, Space X’s new spacesuit features an emergency breathing system, an automatic inflatable parachute, a liquid cooling system, and even emergency food and water supply system. In the event of depressurization, these remarkable suits are engineered to pressurize automatically – Indeed, a life-saving feature Space X has come up with

Final words

With numerous of future endeavors, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are the two most renowned Space Stakeholders, aiming to extend human reach into interstellar space. With a team of professional and expert engineers, technician, designers, and staff members, these two spaceflight giants are working effortlessly to accomplish and fulfill the gaps for modern-word to cherish on. 

Concerning the like hood and need of a perfect a spacesuit, experts have a wide range to choose from the above two. Technology, creativity and the race to work for the best is endless. It’s all about exploring possibilities to explore the unlimited midway of the universe. Good luck!

Author’s bio

Being a preeminent Research Analyst at Assignment Assistance; best place for dissertation writing services, Claudia Jeffery, a” Space-Enthusiast”, is among the most detailed-oriented writers. Having extensive research and knowledge about the most eminent space technological advancements, she aims to endow new generation with her widespread acquaintance and wisdom on interstellar missions.

Claudia Jeffrey
Claudia Jeffrey

Author’s bio Being a preeminent Research Analyst at Assignment Assistance; best place for dissertation writing services, Claudia Jeffery, a” Space-Enthusiast”, is among the most detailed-oriented writers. Having extensive research and knowledge about the most eminent space technological advancements, she aims to endow new generation with her widespread acquaintance and wisdom on interstellar missions.

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