Space Jams! Astronauts and Cosmonauts Rock Out at the International Space Station1 min read

An out-of-this world jam band is orbiting 250 miles (400 kilometers) above the Earth at the International Space Station right now.

The crew of Expedition 55 took a break to hold a “zero-g” jam session at the International Space Station. From left to right: NASA astronaut Drew Feustel on guitar, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artymev on the pan flute, NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold on the drum, Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov on the Irish flute, and NASA astronaut Scott Tingle (front) on the guitar.
Credit: Oleg Artymev/Roscosmos/Twitter

The station’s Expedition 55 crew gathered up some musical instruments from around the orbiting lab to throw a “zero-g” jam session on April 27, dubbing their new group “AstroHawaii.”

NASA astronauts Drew Feustel, Scott Tingle and Ricky Arnold and Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev and Anton Shkaplerov brought together the musical stylings of Texas with Hawaiian drum and some Peruvian pipes for a unique concert for the universe.

NASA astronauts Drew Feustel (left) and Scott Tingle play guitars together at the International Space Station.
Credit: NASA

Feustel and Tingle rocked guitars, while Arnold accompanied them on the Hawaiian drum. Artemyev and Shkaplerov joined in with Peruvian pipes, instruments that the cosmonauts learned to play in just 20 minutes of practice, Artemyev tweeted.

Calls for an album or even simply a video of the concert filled the Twitter-verse. The crew clearly enjoyed themselves in the impromptu concert.

“We think this may be the first ‘guitar jam’ in space with amplifiers and effects!” Feustel tweeted. “It was quite a rock ‘n’ roll show.”

And, don’t worry: We’ll keep an eye, and an ear, out for more cosmic concerts.

Sebastien Clarke
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