The outer space has left us a curiosity as to what lies behind those stars, and it had always left us with our imagination, to make up stories about the solar system and the galaxy. These astronomical figures had always left me overwhelmed with its configuring beauty and secrecy. Therefore, man while using all his resources and will power have done his best throughout the years to find out about this unknown space world. We have virtual space explorer who are busy gathering information, data and knowledge about this world which is beyond our reach and will now be seen next by our future generation.

With time a lot of discoveries have been made about the solar system and the planets. Our astronomers and astronomists are in full activity to share pictures and information of the new galaxies and the birth and death of planets and stars.

Technologist and mobile app creator have used this thirst for astronomy by creating app for its user so they can have a glimpse and get the space experience through this free android space apps.

I have described some of the new space apps below:



This wonderful app helps you learn about the celestial bodies by using their build-in gyroscope and accelerometer in your android phone or device. This app lets you face an augmented reality experience by letting you hold up your phone in order to coordinate with the screen in contradiction to the sky.

Also with the benefit of the 3D models presented in this app, one can get a better look at these far away distant objects easily.

  • COSMO: A Spacetime Odyssey:


This is an original series which is hosted by Carl Sagan which is basically a story for those who love science.

This entire 13 episode can easily be found on Netflix and is a good entertainment plus fun for it includes additional content and has a very interactive version i.e. the “Cosmic calendar” which acts as a fem for those who are enthusiastic about the space.

  • NASA


This serves as a best source for those who seek to find knowledge about the solar system. Through this NASA app you can find photos, videos and valid information about the space from America space agency no matter where you are. The app acts as a gateway to update you about the latest news and updates about the outer space and provides you information about NASA’S mission and it’s cosmos in shape of pictures, videos, live webcast etc.



This is a very much shared app that consist of an updated record of all the alien worlds which helps you keep tabs on the study of alien planets which now has a list of 900, which is one of the most exciting and most sought after branches of space science.

This app has been invented by astrophysicist Hanno Rein.



This app plays a vital role in letting you know about the ever-shifting visage of Earth’s natural satellite and also keep one updated about the phases of the moon i.e. it’s rise and set times.

The app is highly used among users which lets them know about the shift of or phases of the moon in the night time as well as how it looks like from the other side of the world.

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