Ridley Scott reveals new ‘complex’ Alien prequel triology was inspired by Star Wars3 min read

Ridley Scott has revealed more details about his three upcoming Alien prequels – and explained that Star Wars made him keen to do sequels for the first time ever.

The director, who has also announced a Blade Runner sequel, has always been averse to follow-up movies, which is one reason why James Cameron directed Aliens in 1986.

The new Alien: Covenant poster is very similar to the original Alien poster (Picture: Fox)

The new Alien: Covenant poster is very similar to the original Alien poster (Picture: Fox)

But now, commenting on the hype surrounding the sci-fi franchise, he said: ‘Star Wars will be a juggernaut. Why do you think I’m doing sequels?’

The 77-year-old’s next movie is entitled Alien: Covenant, and it takes over from Prometheus – or as he calls it, Prometheus 1 – in the Alien origins series.

And apparently it will go some way to explaining the simple mysteries and questions brought about by the very first movie from 1979.

He explained: ‘It’s a very complex story. It’s an evolution of what I first did with Prometheus 1.

Ridley Scott must have plenty more up his sleeve (Picture: Fox)

Ridley Scott must have plenty more up his sleeve (Picture: Fox)

‘Prometheus 1 was borne out of my frustration [with] Alien 1 in 1979. I only did one as I don’t normally do sequels.

‘I was amazed that in the three that followed that no-one asked the question “Why the Alien, who made it and why?” Very basic questions…

‘So I’m now going to the next one, which is the next evolution directly connected with the first one, which was this Shaw, when she replaced Michael Fassbender in two pieces and we’ll kind of pick it up there and it will evolve. When that’s finished there’ll be another one and then another one which will gradually drive into the back entrance of the film in 1979.

Scott revealed Alien: Covenant will be shot on location and in the studio in Australia, featuring ‘monumental forest and monumental rock [sets] and the rest will be in the studio with fairly formidable CGI.’

‘So in other words, why was this space jockey there and why did he have an Alien inside him? And those questions will be answered.’

All this means Neill Blomkamp’s Alien sequel movie, which aims to pick up where Aliens left off, must be further away from production than ever.

Michael Biehn, who played Hicks in Aliens and is signed up for Blomkamp’s film, said: ‘I know they’re putting the brakes on Neill’s movie just for a little while, but I really think that it would be embarrassing to Ridley and Fox and Sigourney if they just didn’t make the movie.’

Alien: Covenant tells the story of a crew who land on what they believe to be an uncharted paradise – but turn out to be very wrong indeed.

And conniving robot David (Michael Fassbender), a survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition, is the sole inhabitant.

Noomi Rapace’s character Elizabeth Shaw will only make a ‘brief appearance’ in the movie, according to The Verge.

She’ll probably die a horrible alien snake-related death, we imagine.

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