Regulus and it’s Rare Lunar Occultation1 min read

When the moon blocks three planets in a rare event.

The rare event of “Lunar Occultation” happens once every twenty eight years and consists of a rare alignment of Venus, Regulus, Mars, Mercury and the Moon.

During the past 24 hours, the phenomenon was already happening, and the moon danced in front of Regulus and Venus.

Watching the Event:

The event is better watched by those located around Australia and New Zealand. but it is visible from throughout the southern hemisphere. It is also possible to see it from the northern hemisphere, but it is harder.

For those who are unable to view the event, know you can log in to the IOTA (International Occultation Timing Association) webpage in order to see it in real-time through the portal’s coverage.

When the event is not happening, you get a schedule for when the next occultation event will occur.

Upcoming Lunar Events:

For people in Europe, the date to remember is the 5th of November, when enthusiasts will be able to watch the moon align perfectly with the Constellation Taurus.

Finally, the anticipated “Blood Moon” happens at 7:40pm in the 5th of October, so if you want to watch something while you wait for the Taurus occlusion, this one is the event to memorize.

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