Petition to Place TARDIS on White House Lawn for Doctor Who 50th Anniversary1 min read

Earlier today, a petition was launched to request the placement of a TARDIS on the White House lawn for Doctor Who’s upcoming 50th anniversary television special.

It reads:

Place a replica TARDIS on the White House lawn for a week before the 23 November 2013 50th anniversary special.
This year, the long-running show “Doctor Who” is celebrating 50 years since it first aired. We would like the U.S. to acknowledge this show and our friendship with the good people of the U.K. by placing a replica TARDIS on the lawn of the White House for a week prior to the 23rd of November 2013.

We feel this will spur a healthy interest in Science and Technology while bringing many people around the world together.

Thank you.


It isn’t the first time Whovians have had some fun with sneaking Doctor Who references into the White House.


TARDIS in the White House

Over the past few years, Doctor Who has traveled across the pond and captured the heart of US (and worldwide) audiences with a fierce grip. With its sincere, honest messages of life, love, and loss, the show has drawn in viewers with a warm, genuine welcome and has quickly secured a place in the hearts of US fans.

It would be pretty cool to see a nod to the show like this one.

The petition has a goal of 100,000 signatures by September 28th, so if you’re a US fan of the show and would like to see a TARDIS in your capital, go ahead and sign!


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