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So you want a room that’s out of this world for your child but not out of your budget and you need some help and inspiration. Whether you want to go all out with complete space decor or just add add a few touches here and there, there are plenty of great products that can help your child’s dreams take off. From the silly to the sublime, we’ll show you some of the latest and greatest items and ideas (along with the tried and true) in furniture, accents, bedding, lighting and more.

Blast Away to Sweet Space Dreams

The main focus of a bedroom is usually the bed – and bedding is one of the easiest and most impactful changes you can make (who doesn’t like easy and impactful?). It can also be a huge money and time saver in that, even if you just add space-themed bedding, everyone will get the idea as soon as they walk into the room. So today’s column will start us on our journey of space decor by focusing on some bedding options.

Amazon space bed

Veratex offers a cool comforter set — comforter, shams and bedskirt — featuring a general planet design. If you’re worried about the black background of the comforter making the room seems too dark, don’t be — the design GLOWS IN THE DARK, and you could also add accents in the primary colors of the planets. They also sell matching sheets as well (these, however, do not glow in the dark. Boo.)

astro bed

If you love glow in the dark (and let’s be real, who doesn’t!) but don’t want the hassle of buying separate pieces, Outerspace makes a 5 piece bed-in-a-bag Glow in the Dark Space Rocket Ship comforter. This set has a twin comforter, one flat sheet, a fitted sheet, one pillowcase and a sham. Easy peasy.


Not quite glow in the dark but still offering plenty of bright color is this comforter from Olive Kids that has planets, stars, asteroids and rockets. One drawback is that if you want all of the bedding to match exactly, you have to purchase the shams and bedskirt separately, but you can also buy the coordinating sheets, a valance, a rug and even a matching lightswitch plate. (DAN, do you want links to these?) If you’re a mix and match-er, there are plenty of nice solid colors that you can match the extra needed linens to.

Space bed

If you only want to showcase a space theme once in a while, duvets are a great way to easily change the room’s feel without spending a lot of money. Just swap out the duvet cover and you can change the entire look, or theme, of a room. This duvet also happens to have a lighter background, for those of you who don’t want to go with dark colors.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 1.30.47 PM

These two duvets from the Land of Nod and DwellStudio showcase stars in a more subtle color pattern.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 1.32.11 PM

Quilt lovers don’t despair; there are space themes for your kids, too! Land of Nod offers a solar system quilt that is both pretty AND educational.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 1.33.06 PM

The dramatic styling of this blanket makes it worthy of being a bed cover just on its own!

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 1.34.47 PM



For those of you who only want a tiny touch on the bed, use selective items such as a space-themed sheet set, bedskirt or pillow combined with other solid color bedding. The patterns won’t compete yet they will still stand out without dominating the room.

Well, that should help start you on your way for now. Keep coming back for more products and ideas and send me suggestions of your own! Sweet space dreams!

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