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As the sun sets on a beautiful cloudless evening, slowly the sky begins to sparkle with shining gems of light. The lights shine at once separately, yet together in a milky conglomeration smeared across the night sky as the Milky Way slowly paints a picture of our Galaxy in its living paint of gas and dust. The Universe is in your eyes, the Universe is under your feet, and you are in, and of, the goings-on of our Cosmos. Welcome to Astronaut.com and welcome to my blog where I will be writing about all things astronomy and science related. I will be releasing these blogs about once a week and I will be writing about a series of topics related to astronomy and science. I imagine each series will be a few weeks long and will focus on everything from the exploration of Mars to the most distant galaxies in our Universe.

This week’s topic is a simple introduction to the scientific process. Imagine you are in a grocery store walking down your favorite aisle as a small child reaches out and grabs boxes of cereal while his mother has a discussion with a friendly person. You turn around and look back and the next thing you know that cereal box is open and cereal is about to going spewing like a volcanic eruption all over that grocery store. As cereal pours onto the ground you hear the mother begin to scold the naughty child, a disaster for the mother, an epic victory for the child. I believe that everyone is a natural scientist/ mischief maker at heart. I’m not asking everyone to go out and start spilling cereal everywhere but think about what compelled this child. The child was curious about the colors of the box, so he grabbed it to investigate. Next thing you know he figured out how to open the darn thing and discovered the cereal feast inside!

That’s what I want to do with these blogs, I want to open people’s minds up to being a natural scientist. I want to teach people to be curious about the simple things and to help them to dig deeper and open boxes to discover the treasures inside. Now of course there is some responsibility involved since we know better than to spill our precious cereal everywhere. However, if you are responsible with what you learn here and continue to be curious then I might teach you how to have cereal with some milk. With that said, our cereal choice for next week will be Life – Here and Elsewhere.


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Sebastien Clarke
Sebastien Clarke

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