NASA reveals why it WON’T speak about UFOs and conspiracies3 min read

The US Space Agency is regularly accused by so-called UFO investigators of covering up evidence that aliens have visited Earth and other planets like Mars because it refuses to discuss or even acknowledge the “discoveries” on images of the galaxy.

Thanks to the array of information, video and data released online by NASA, alien investigators are able to spend hours trawling through reams of archive images from the 1969 moon landings through to the latest pictures beamed back from Mars and dwarf planets Pluto and Ceres.

Or they can sit glued to live stream cameras looking out from the International Space Station (ISS).

There are so many people doing it there are now almost daily claims of UFOs being seen on the ISS live camera or an array of different things being found in close-up images of the surface of Mars, including giant mice, bears, crabs, and even aliens and their homes, or the ruins of alleged ancient Martian civilisations.

NASA has dismissed much of the Mars “findings” as pareidolia – a visual phenomena that means the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects and shapes in patterns or tecturs like the surface of a planet.

However, it has been loath to say specific anything about the large number of alleged UFO sightings from the ISS or in Moon and other celestial body photographs.

Scott C Waring, editor of the UFO Sightsings Daily website claims it is all part of a major cover up to hide the truth from the masses and that it even quickly shuts down the ISS camera when a UFO comes in range.

But NASA astronaut Drew Feustel said the agency simply does not have time to “pay much attention to the media” about such issues.

He said: “You can’t stop people from making up stories where there aren’t any.

“If you want to believe the moon landing is a hoax, ok, but it is much better to believe reality.”

He revealed the stance to Alejandro Rojas, editor of Open Minds magazine, which covers the UFO phenomena.

Mr Rojas also found out the NASA position from an unnamed source.

If you want to believe the moon landing is a hoax, ok, but it is much better to believe reality.

NASA astronaut Drew Feustel

He said: “I recently attended a press event at NASA’s Johnson Space Center for the DVD and Blu-ray release of the movie The Martian.

“I was able to talk to one of NASA’s PR people.”

He was asked about a recent alleged UFO spotted in an image tweeted by astronaut Scott Kelly from the ISS.

Mr Rojas said: “The PR employee did not want to go on the record, but said they were aware of the story about the Scott Kelly image.

“Although, this PR person was aware inquiries were made, the people asking about the image were directed to the proper department.

“The PR representative did not know why NASA had not responded to question about the image, but said that often they just have nothing to say.

“It does not serve them to acknowledge the fact that some news outlets are sensationalising that people mistook a reflection for a UFO.”

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