Nasa Curiosity Rover photographs mysterious ‘structure’ on the surface of Mars2 min read

A mysterious ‘anomaly’ has been identified in a photograph snapped by Nasa’s Mars rover Curiosity.

In the background of a panoramic image of the Red Planet’s Vera Rubin Ridge released last week, a strange flat ‘structure’ can clearly be seen.

The strange flat structure can seen in the top right of this image

The discovery was quickly (and predictably) hailed as proof of alien life by UFO hunters lurking in the dark corners of the internet.

‘Looks like a rusted pipe, the longer I look at it,’ one alien fan claimed on the forum Above Top Secret.

‘It has gradient shading, like a cylinder or pipe.’

However, whilst some people hope the strange, flat-topped object on the landscape is an alien base, it’s more likely to be a type of flat hill called a mesa.

These are relatively common here on Earth. If a mesa exists on Mars, it could show the planet has comparable conditions to our own.

A close-up of the mysterious flat feature on the Martian landscape

‘Similar geographic anomalies compared to what we have here on Earth are always interesting in my opinion,’ another commenter added.

‘It seems to point to Earth-like conditions… in somewhat recent times.’

Here’s what Nasa said about the image: ‘Nasa released the panorama this week. A thin layer of dust is visible on Curiosity, the result of a storm that enveloped Mars this summer.

‘The darkish sky indicates dust still clogging the atmosphere in August, when the panorama was shot by Curiosity’s mast camera.’

Nasa has two probes on Mars right now. The second, Opportunity, is missing and feared dead after becoming lost in a powerful dust storm which covered the entire surface of Mars.

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