Meditations On The Future

Humans living on Mars has seemed closer every year since the Apollo Moon Landing in 1969. Private companies are promising tantalizing experiences in space. Government space agencies are hoping to bring astronaut crews back to the moon and beyond. Pop culture is constantly envisioning a future for humans off-world. It seems possible that within our lifetimes, we will be a people living across multiple planets.

However, some of us are skeptical, weary, or outright distrustful about the possibility of a future on another planet. Skeptics wonder how we can go to another planet when we can’t live in harmony on this one. Those weary of inequity on Earth, wonder whether life on Mars will be reserved for the rich and wealthy. Calculating scientists may puzzle over the seemingly impossible hurdles and challenges that we will run up against on the way.

Today, a future on Mars represents the peak of humanity’s intellectual and social progress. It will require global fellowship and the brilliance of our collective intellect to bring us to a completely new world. Using Mars as the beacon of our global future,  In this series of articles, we will meditate on the technological and philosophical hurdles we will face on our way to Mars. Updates will be every Monday.