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Hello, my name is Alyssa Carson call sign “Blueberry” and at the age of 3, I wanted to fulfill my dream of being an astronaut. I am a young woman of twelve and having been working over 9 years to achieve that goal! In addition I work hard to inspire others to achieve their goals through classroom participation, talks, and special events.

The rest of these expenses for Europe and the United States inclusive of rail passes, boat passes, hotels not covered by Ted, Food, Camp Tuitions, RV Parking, gas. We travel modestly like real space cowboys. Receipts will be made public on and if there are any excess funds we will use them towards our next campaign  which will sponsor inner city kids and send them to space camps in partnership with coming this summer.


I hope to be the first or one of the first on Mars. I would love to go to Mars because it is a planet that no one has been before. It’s about the same size as the Earth and there are ice caps at the top and bottom of Mars. That means there is water on Mars.  This could possibly be our next Earth. Just think about all the things that are in Space. For example: planets we have never explored, galaxies that we have never heard of, stars that are just babies, black holes that are as wide as the Sun to Pluto multiple times and has the mass of a billion suns, parts of the universe that we have never seen. Just think of all that stuff just floating around. It’s more than you can imagine. It takes a global team , be part of the future and impact generations to come. I promise to keep working hard and represent you well.





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Sebastien Clarke
Sebastien Clarke

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