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Here is another Apollo Spacesuit costume tutorial. This one is a more intermediate/advanced version by RPF member DarkJedi1500. It won him 2 prizes at Dragon Con 2013 – 2nd in the overall and “Best Historical Recreation” in the masquerade.

There is a LOT of custom sculpting, molding, and casting used in this tutorial, which is why I would consider it an advanced project.

The costumer’s inspiration:

“There has been a lot going on that revitalized my intrest in space. I visited both Air and Space museums in DC this spring, and the news has been filled with reports about shuttles, space jumps, and mars rovers. While I am still interested in rocketry, I have been reading up on the history of pressure garments and how to say alive up there, and I figure a wearable cosmetic suit is a good starting point for hands-on research.”

Some of the materials used.

– Helmet


– Rip-Stop Nylon

– Sleeping Bag

– Batting

– Cardboard

– Foam Blocks

– Spray Paint

– Airbrush Machine & Paint

– Custom Knobs & Pieces

Apollo Spacesuit Advanced

There are about 5 pages worth of costume progress at the source link at the bottom of this post. Here are some of the creator’s notes of the process:

For the suit base: “I suck at sewing. That said I spent the last few weeks playing around with jumpsuits and batting to figure out how to build the suit itself. The solution that worked was to modify a rothco to have larger shoulders and put in two layers of batting everywhere, plus two more in the arms. What you see here is just muslin. The final suit will be made of rip stop nylon.”

For the gloves: “The gloves and boots were a bit trickier. The gloves started out as snowboarding gloves. I cut the back off and added a new white cuff, then carefully cut the fabric off the fingertips and folded in inside. The fingertips were made by molding ½” PVC with a wooden hemisphere in Mold Max stroke, then after applying a lot of mold release painting on several layers of dyed mold max stroke. The fingertips were cut then glued to the gloves.”

For the boots: “For the boots, I built up a pair of regular boots with EVA foam to get the correct shape. A sculpt of the sole was then made by casting fiberglass over the boot then building up details with apoxie sculpt, wood, and bondo. Like the gloves, the soles were molded and cast from mold max stroke. The covering was then made with very stiff interfacing and iron board fabric. The fabric was then hot glued to the boot and everything then glued into the rubber sole.”
Although this is obviously a lot of work for a costume, fear not! The costumer has stated that he may offer some kits of molds and/or cast pieces come the new year.

“Once I build our new 22″ x 22” vacuum former I can seriously consider making kits avalible. Hypothetically, kits would include:

-EVA over helmet
-EVA visor with resin lip
-Bubble helmet vacuum form
-bubble helmet fiberglass casting
-chest connection ports
-Connectors for the PLSS pack

Please note I do not have a mold for every solid piece on the suit. Several pieces were made as one offs.

The rubber finger tips and boot soles will be avalible too but not part of the kit due to the labor and material involved. Look for an interest thread some time in 2014.”

Apollo Spacesuit Advanced 1

Source: The RPF

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