Lego is no stranger to space toys. The company first released its Space line of sets in 1978, and since then, fans have built hundreds of different spaceships, real and fictional. Today, Lego announced a new set that looks like it’ll be the best of them all: a Saturn V rocket. We’re already itching to get our hands on it.

This NASA Apollo Saturn V set looks amazing because it’s not just the rocket: it’s an entire Apollo mission in a box. The Saturn V splits into its three stages, while the Command and Lunar Modules are nestled at the top. There’s even parts for the Command Capsule to land in the ocean, although you’re on your own if you want an aircraft carrier to pick up your crew. Fittingly, the set is made up of 1,969 individual pieces (the year the US first landed on the Moon), and it’s the tallest toy the company’s ever made, standing at a meter tall, or 110th the size of the original Saturn V rocket.

This project comes out of the company’s Ideas program, where Lego builders submit concepts to the company and the larger fan community for kits that they want to see made. The set is scheduled for release on June 1st, and will retail for $119.99 in the US (€119.99 in Europe and £109.99 in the UK).


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