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I Want To Be An Astronaut” is a documentary about a young man that has aspired to be an astronaut since he was 3 and the path he now faces to become one.

Aside from being a film, we hope to carry a message of inspiration to young people across America by igniting imaginations and fostering the next generation of explorers. While we are not affiliated with NASA or any other organization, we believe in the power of the space program to inspire and engage students. It is by focusing on the raw power of space exploration that we aim to educate young people and give em a little kick in the butt to move ahead with their dreams and work hard to be our next generation of heroes – whatever avenue they pursue.


“Blair Mason is, by most measures, your average 17-year-old high school senior. He plays sports, hangs out with his friends, messes around on his smartphone. If you talked to Blair for five minutes you’d probably think he was an average kid. If you talked to him beyond that, however, you’d start to hear him talk about physics and science and math…. and the exploration of space.

Blair wants to be an astronaut. This is a film about Blair and his dreams of seeing civilization travel beyond Earth. Like most kids, he had this dream when he was very young. Unlike most people his age, that dream is still very much alive and he is making great strides to see this dream become his reality.”

Blair, we’re with you.

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Sebastien Clarke
Sebastien Clarke

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