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The Starship Enterprise is one of the top dream spaceships of science fiction. As technology continues to advance, people are becoming more and more restless for smartphones, cars, and spacecraft of this level.

Obviously, this is an enormous task that would require just as enormous of a budget. But sci-fi geeks and tech professionals have joined forces to create sophisticated schematics and well-written plans to bring such a thing to fruition.

The nonprofit site Build The Enterprise lays out incredibly in-depth information on all aspects of a real life Enterprise, including design, specs, cost, missions, infrastructure, and more.

An excerpt from the website:

“Instead of a one-shot space project to get humans to Mars for a limited visit, we need to think in terms of a sustainable human presence in space. From this point of view, a mission to take humans to Mars would simply fit into our human-supporting infrastructure in space where humanity has a permanent presence. Thus we need a space strategy that will completely eclipse the Apollo-style programs of rocketing humans to other places as one-shot affairs.

So let’s think outside the box. What would be a much bolder vision for human space exploration? We need a profoundly different strategy. And in fact, there is something entirely different to consider – and it’s sitting right in front of us – inspired by our science fiction. You might call itVisions of Enterprise.”

They’ve even created a size chart comparing the approximate size of a real-life Starship Enterprise against some recognizable landmarks.

[frame type=”lifted” align=”none”]Enterprise Size Chart[/frame]

There’s a lot of cool statistical information, too: How the ship can be built over the next 20 years, the possibility of an artificial gravity force of 1g due to a magnetically suspended wheel rotating at 2.0 RPM, and how such a ship would be able to reach Mars within 90 days of leaving Earth’s orbit.

A real Starship Enterprise may sound like wishful thinking pulled straight from the minds of sci-fi dreamers, but if we simply take a look around at the gadgets we use every day, these big ideas will cease to seem impossible.

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