Fan’s Choice – Top Ten Science Fiction Films of All Time


Aliens, dystopian societies, and cyberpunk rules the roost in science fiction today.  Science Fiction fans around the world voiced their opinions about my personal picks.


10:  Close Encounters (1977)

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[quote]“This means something”[/quote]

Close Encounters is a classic telling the story of first contact from an alien race.  The story follows three people affected by a strange blackout.  Jillian wakes in the middle of the night to find her toddler, Barry, not in his room.  She sees him wandering into the countryside.  The third person is a power company worker, Roy, who heads out on a service call when his truck starts acting strangely and he witnesses the strange craft.  Roy nearly hits Barry with his truck joining the three in this epic tale. Who hasn’t at some point been served mashed potatoes and say “This means something?”.  What I enjoy most about this first contact is that people around the world are seen chanting the five digit tune they heard from above.  The brilliance of this movie is that there is no underlying or hidden meaning.  This is a tale of what could happen with first contact.


9:   Brazil (1985):

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[quote]“An empty desk is an efficient desk”[/quote]

Civil servant Sam Lowry escapes a highly structured and bureaucratic society from the future in a dreamscape world.  The government inefficiencies lie in a computer glitch who identifies an innocent man as a terrorist.  Sam finds a paperwork error recognizing the wrong man was arrested launching him into a journey to exonerate Harry Buttle (instead of Tuttle).  During the journey Sammeets the woman from his dreams, Jill Layton, Buttle’s neighbor who was trying to report the computer glitch with no success. Jill’s entrance into the journey changes Sam’s life and he becomes intent on making his dreams a reality.  The independent thought turns the government against him.

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8:  2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

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[quote]“Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave?”[/quote]

2001 is an intellectual film consisting of beautiful imagery of space that is often considered by many as boring and other as brilliant.  The complexity if the movie with minimal dialogue centers around the monolith whose purpose is left to the viewer’s imagination and never fully explained. One of the underlying themes is the birth of man 4 Million B.C with attributes of fear, curiosity, and courage evolving into homo-sapiens mastering earth creating civilized societies, rational though, and scientific knowledge.  Kubrick demonstrates that man in space is starting over as their ancestors at the dawn of time.  The silence, breathing and music depict what space is like for the astronaut.  Hal 9000 is the brain center of the Jupiter Mission exploring the monolith that makes a critical error that brings the story full circle depicting man’s evolution reliant on technology and technology potentially becoming the destruction of man.


7: The Matrix (1999)

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[quote]“ There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”[/quote]

The film captured audiences with slow motion action, special effects and well-choreographed fight scenes that created a dedicated following.  What most seem to miss about this film is the more subtle religious and philosophical questions explored.  It is taking the formula of Classical Greek philosophy showing the world as a shadow of what truly exists and that one has never seen the world as it really is.  The movie shows that only those unplugged from the matrix see the world around them.  Neo explores both worlds and his role in both worlds until he realizes he fighting a losing battle and runs for an exit.  The crucifixion and resurrection of Neo coming back as “The One” who is able to bend the laws of physics within the Matrix parallels Christian theology.

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6:  In Time (2011)

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[quote]“We’re not meant to live forever.  Although I do wonder, Father, if you’ve ever lived a day in your life.”[/quote]

The theme of socio-economic struggles is depicted in a futuristic society where people stop aging at 25, but are slated to die at 26 slightly reminiscent of Logan’s Run (1976).  All currency is measured in time and people are divided by rich and poor.  The rich can essentially buy and earn enough time to effectively become immortal while the poor will be exterminated.  Will meets a stranger with more than 100 years of time  The film mirrors the hectic world we live in.  It shows no matter how much we rush around we seem to find time to sit back, watch a movie, play a game, or talk to friends. In this futuristic society, only the ultra-wealthy had these luxuries.  The overall message is that time should be respected rather than wasted.


My top 5 Continues next week!!


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